Laughing & Playing

Our Sunday morning ritual consists of the alarm going off about 7 am and Ken snoozing until 7:45.  Then he turns on the TV to watch a little Creflo, takes shower and gets ready during Ed Young, and tells me I need to get up and kisses me “bye”.  He leaves for church, I roll out of bed and get ready to Joel Osteen.  Then I leave to make it to church by 9:30.

This morning, Joel was preaching on laugher as medicine. (Pv. 17:22)  And it was something that I could totally grab onto.  I am of the firm belief that emotional health is intertwined with physical health.  Maybe you’ve seen the commercial “Depression hurts”, but hurting causes depression too.  At that moment, I thanked God for such an entertaining life that I get plenty of opportunities to have a good chuckle.

Then, during Shaken & Stirred this morning (that’s our Sun AM teen class), Ken brings all the teens out to the play ground at the daycare and gives them 5 minutes (more like 8 or 10 minutes) to play as hard as they can on the playground.  They went nuts – once they realized he was serious.  On the playground, he taught them that following Holy Ghost is kinda like playing on a playground.  Instead of Ken, you’ve got a born again spirit and Holy Ghost.  Instead of a playground structure, you’ve got a service, a worship experience, or a portion of a lesson.  Sometimes, you “play” within a pre-designed structure.  Other times, you “play” – ignoring the structures, jumping over the structures as if they’re not there.  But either way, Holy Ghost won’t hang you out to dry.

Today was a very playful day – and very insightful of how my life is working right now.  I am very grateful for a “playful” husband – literally and spiritually.  And sometimes, the literal play can have lasting spiritual affects.

For example, many of you are aware of our situation right now – I live in Savannah on weekdays for school, then come home on weekends.  This weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time (yeah, get your mind out of the gutter – I wouldn’t be blogging about that – my dad reads my blog!).  I got home Friday afternoon and Ken meets me in the driveway chatting about all these ideas he had for us to do.  Friday night, we went to Athens – ate at Rafferty’s (potato soup and a salad – stupid fast!), went to the mall, Sam’s, the AT&T store (he got an iPhone), Wal-Mart (he took a picture of my butt on his iPhone) – a wonderful date out with my husband!  Saturday, we went hiking, then ate at Ryan’s (salad bar and veggies!).  You can see the pictures we took in yesterday’s post.  Came home and watched 4 episodes of the Sopranos.  It was amazing!  The sadness and loneliness that so many people worry about us feeling (and yes, we feel it sometimes) went away!  The laughing and chatting and playing that we did this weekend was the exact medicine that we needed.

The lesson from today:  “play” with Holy Ghost, play more (literally), and laugh a lot!


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  1. pastorrobbiejones says:

    Yes he does! And thank you for the laughter you gave me tonight!


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