We survived Amicalola Falls!!

My wonderful husband planned an adventurous outing for us this weekend.  We drove up to Amicalola Falls and hiked to the top.  It was the PERFECT day for this type of adventure.  The weather was perfect – 65 degrees, sunny but breezy, and CLEAR!  We hiked 2.5 miles and 604 steps, and we’ve got some great pictures to commerate our exciting trip!  So I am going to share (with captions)!

Walking on a log

Yes, I walked out there, took a picture, then said “I’m stuck!  Come get me!”


This is the reflecting pool at the bottom of the falls.  And yes, I have 2 pairs of sunglasses on!!

Ice on the rock

There was icicles growing out of the rocks!

stairs This is the just the 2nd half of the stairs we had to climb!

windy It was slightly windy at the top

Ken climbing To prove that Ken was with me, here is he climbing the rock face!

mtn view I’d hike this mountain 1000 times for a view like this!!

the trail sign We hiked the 1st one going up, and the 2nd one on the way down

Ken fallsCyn fallsHere we are in front of the falls.  We tried to get a pic together but we’re both still learning how to take pics on Ken’s new iPhone.

Here is my one deep insight from our trip today – people always want to be on top of the mountain with God, but they aren’t willing to climb all the steps it takes to get there!


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  1. pastorrobbiejones says:

    Hey…sounds like a great trip and what a great view. The only thing I have seen to climb here at on the coast is Mount Trashmore. I just don’t think the view would be quite the same. Glad you guys had a great time.

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