Pretend Long Hair

So, here’s the thought that came to me after my “thoughts” post…

Most moms, when they have a baby girl, dream of bows and curls.  Well, I was not the one who fulfilled that dream for my mom.  When I was 1 year old, I barely had any hair on my head.  My mom had to dress me in pink and frills so people would know I was a girl baby.  And as I grew, my hair did not.  I usually tell people that I looked a little like Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird.

So, I had this game I would play when it was bath time.  I would usually sleep in old T-shirts that my parents had from college or youth camps.  I would put the shirt on then pull it off where it turned inside out and leave the neck right around my forehead so the inside out shirt was hanging down my back – JUST LIKE LONG HAIR! And I would pretend brush my long hair, and twist my long hair, and flip my long hair.  Yes, my long hair was typically green or red or blue, but it was still long hair.

Even as I got older and took care of “bath time” on my own.  When I would get done, I’d wrap my wet hair up in a towel and that became my long hair (even with the “beehive” on top).

Not sure where my obsession with long hair came from, but it’s something that hasn’t exactly gone away.

The catalog I browsed through the other night brought it back up.  How did a catalog do that?  I noticed that not a single model in the entire catalog had hair shorter than their elbows.  Is there a purposeful, subliminal message there?  Well, advertisers aren’t stupid.  That realization made me not want to like any of their clothes.  I’ve been of the opinion for a long time that there’s something in society that projects the message that “long hair is sexier”.  Models far and wide – magazines, commercials, billboards, G-rated, X-rated, famous, aspiring, clothing, jewelry, perfume, soap, cars, everything in between – you will most likely picture a long-haired model before a short-haired model.  It’s not 100% true, but it’s an overwhelming majority.

I have nothing against long hair.  I’m actually trying to grow my hair out a bit for my sister’s wedding (so I’ll have some hairstyle options), and it’s almost the longest it’s ever been.  (I have had longer hair but it was very unhealthy and horrible looking).  So, maybe I’m reaching the threshold of my breakthrough regarding long hair.  I don’t think I gained the opinion above when I was five running around with an over-sized T-shirt on my head, but I was probably that young when the subliminal messages bombarded my mold-able psyche.

It’s healthy (though, not always comfortable) to empty your brain of “clutter” to see what you’re really wrestling with.


Personal Shoppers

I don’t know from experience, but from what I’ve heard, back in the day, department store workers served as personal shoppers.  They’d help customers try on clothes, make suggestions, find measurements and sizes, do alterations – full-service.

That’s not the way things are done anymore. You have to get a clerk to let you in the dressing rooms with keys.  They give you a strict limit of how many items you can try on at one time.  No one seems to be willing to give you an honest opinion on anything.

But I’ve discovered how to get that type of service at today’s stores.

During the Black Friday rush about 2 years ago, my sister, mom, and I were shopping in New York & Co.  It didn’t take me long to learn that the clerks pay attention to you if you have about 10 items in your hand.  One of them came to me and asked if I wanted her to start a dressing room for me.  I said yes, and she took my items and wrote my name in dry-erase on one of the doors.  I tried on things, she exchanged sizes for me (which is usually what my mama does), she built outfits for me and gave opinions on how things fit and looked.  And at the end of the day, I only spent the amount of money I came to spend, but she got all the commission on it.

The next experience I had with personal shopping was at Buckle at the Mall of Georgia.  Buckle is one of those stores that had the mannequins hanging all along the walls with lots of different items and looks.  This particular night, there were several of those looks that I just thought “I want those exact pieces to wear exactly like that”.  When one of the clerks asked me if I needed help with anything, and I told him what I was thinking.  He looked the store over and even undressed the mannequins to see if the display items were my size.  Then while I was in the dressing room, he roamed the store to look for similar items and left for me.  I came home w/ some great pieces.

A similar thing happened to me at The Loft outlet in Commerce.  The store manager got an idea of what kind of look I was going for and while I tried on clothes, she brought me things until I found a winner.

I guess my technique for this kind of treatment (at least until it becomes more commonplace) is to have a firm spending limit in mind, but then go in and try on clothes like I just might buy everything I see.

Now, just recently, Ken found this site called  Once you sign up for free, you can take their fashion quiz and it will determine your style.  You select the things you “love” and the things you “hate” and it will make suggestions to you.  Then from the suggested items, you can say what you “love” and “hate” about it and the will refine the selections.  Beware: it’s got a lot of high fashion brand names so don’t get sticker shock – one of the things you can “hate” is the price.   But for the times that you’re not shopping for anything particular, but you’d like the help of a personal shopper, is the way to go.

Cyndicated Idol – Finale

Tonight’s the night – Kris and Adam are singing for their lives!

Thanks for the warning Ryan, tonight might go long – HA!

Three songs apiece – should be fun!

Guyliner?  Really?

A for Adam?  That’s what they taught me in Kindergarten!

Simon dressed up so he could show off he chest hair.

Adam’s first song – Phantom of the Opera meets Twilight – what a profound definition of Adam!

Wow, Kris rocked it – I love the songs he’s sang on this show, I hope his album contains some of them and is just as good!

Creator’s pick – that’s a totally different point of view for these performers!

Ken said Adam is way to white for that old Sam Cook song and shoulda turned into a Rolling Stones kind of feel to fit his scream.

Kris has found his niche and no one can force him out of it – that’s what makes a great artist, when their mark on music doesn’t have blurred lines.

Adam doesn’t need to sing with backup vocals, they make him sound off key.

Anyone else think they wrote that “winner’s single” song for Adam instead of for “anybody”?

Round 1 – Kris

Round 2 – Adam

Round 3 – ????

I hate it when the judges call the end before the decision is made.  What do you say?  Vote for your American Idol tonight, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed until tomorrow!  Maybe America can prove the judges wrong.

Cyndicated Idol – Week 10

300th episode of American idol?!  Wow, it’s been a long time!

Judges’s Choice week… oh geez, should be interesting!

Paula chooses for Danny – he needs a correographer (not Paula!)  What was w/ the sax – it’d be cooler if he picked it up and played it and then went back to singing!

Randy and Kara choose for Kris – Kris on the piano, to much the same.  But I agree with Simon, you can’t blame him for not reading your mind in how you want him to interpret the song you gave him.

Simon chooses for Adam – speical permission, isn’t he special! (Ken thinks he looks like an elf w/ the earpiece in!)  I didn’t think it was that great.  He’s a screamer, I’m tired of it.

Danny – wow, just wow!  If that didn’t bring a tear to your eye, you’re heart is made of stone!  Simon says “vocal masterclass”?!

Kris – wow, again!  That was crazy awesome!  Whether he wins or not, I would totally go for his music!!

[Stupid audience screaming so Simon couldn’t talk!  I think next year they need to be behind a glass window (like in a limo) that can be remotely closed to block out their sound at the important times!]

Adam – Aerosmith, a screaming band for a screaming singer.  The background vocals got weird, made it sound gross (at least on my TV).  I can’t decide if he’s way after his musical time, or if he’s going to be blazing the trail into a new musical decade.

Here’s the poll, let me know what you thought about tonight’s performances.

Cyndicated Idol – Week 9

Slash as a mentor – do you wish you were on American Idol?

In the words of Ken about Adam “that was the best karaoke version of that song I’ve ever heard!”

Allison added more pink to her hair – sheesh! And I don’t even know the song she sang (guess I’m not as big a rock fan as the radio lets me think I am!)

Kris and Danny duet?? That was WAY cool!

Wow, they were kinda hard on Kris. He got to jam out with Slash – on Slash’s guitar! He’s just not meant to be a hard rocker.

Danny looks snazzy in his pin-striped vest! Too bad Aerosmith isn’t his forte.

Allison and Adam duet?? They had me confused – maybe it was just the song.

This will be a hard week to pick, but as always, vote for who you think is going home!

Cyndicated Idol – Week 8

Rat Pack night – I’m so excited!

Jamie Foxx as mentor – this should be interesting!

The Throat Olympics???

Sing Frankie to me and I’ll melt (that’s how Ken got me!)

How was Kris “wet”?  Not sure I want someone to answer that question!

Allison’s wardrobe seemed slightly normal, or at least fit the theme for this week.

Except maybe her “ray-ed” hair (Ken made fun of how I said it).

Matt actually took the advice he got (smart man!) – dressed like JT, sounded like NKC, holla!!

OH MY COW!! Danny nearly got kissed by Jamie Foxx and his singin’ gave me chills!  I love that song!!

Adam in a white suit?  Kara called him sleezy?!  Adam compared to Michael Phelps???  I didn’t like it much myself – though the entrance was cool.

Vote on who you think is going home, and if you get a chance, tell me what your favorite Rat Pack song is?

Cyndicated Idol – Week 7

The saved has been spent…

Matt Giruad gets to sing another week…

Two people go home tomorrow!

What will disco week hold for us?

Maybe they’ll make it to the end of the show within their allotted hour!

Lil lied – she really was sad (or ticked off)

Loved Kris – loved the bongos and the guitar and the arrangement – definitely my favorite of the night!

Paula said Kris shops in the women’s department?!  And Simon needs a Paulanese translator!

TV froze up on Danny – must have been the Army choppers that were making my chandelier rattle!

Allison – that’s my jam (thanks to Ann and Vickie and Karaoke Revolution – they always made me sing the racy songs!)  but she jacked it up – gross!

Adam wore a tie and a shiny suit?!?

Matt’s really trying to stay alive – how sad!

And Anoop was just weird!

Well, disco night is over – it was about half and half – nothing too exciting.

But at least they made it under an hour!  Hooray for all the Fringe fans!

Since two people will be going home tomorrow, the poll is set to allow you to vote for two people!