First night of vacation

Who knew our first night on vacation would be so full of excitement!

We don’t have a ceiling fan in our room, so we thought we’d open the windows to let in the ocean breeze. Well, the road noise was too loud so we had to shut them. Problem was that one side would crank open, but it wouldn’t crank closed. So we had to remove the screen and close the window by hand. After we got the window closed, we had to get the screen back up. Now the new problem is that the blinds are stuck at half way and won’t go up or down. We cram the screen under the blinds and then behind the window crank, and put the screen back up (which was a 6 hand job that we did with only 4). By the is time we discovered that e blinds cord was tangled and one that was fixed, the windows were officially and totally closed. All in all, this was a very noisy adventure at 11:30 pm.

So instead we decided to turn the A/C down a bit. It wasn’t until after a while that we realized that the A/C unit as right outside the infamous window and it makes the room vibrate. These vibrations cause one of the picture frames to slide against the wall, making an eerie creaking noise.

So, now I’m in the process of downloading a “sounds of nature” app to try and drowned out the noise.

And like I said – this is just the FIRST night of vacation!


Thoughts in my head

With all the stuff going on in life right now, I’ve had several thoughts revolving in my head.  It’s to the point now that they are becoming “clutter” and I’m hoping that by writing them out I can continue to meditate on them as needed but without being bombarded by all at one time.

– Is there something about the female brain that leads to an immediate response of guilt when she finally declares “I’m taking a day off”? Not scheduled to work and not making plans to “work” at home – just do what she wants to do – read, write, play, whatever – just to relax.  It’s a serious dilemma!

– Shouldn’t it be a requirement that you be a successful delegatee before you are a successful delegator? (Meaning people delegate responsibility to you and you complete those responsibilities willingly AND timely to prove you can be delegated to before you are allowed to delegate responsibilities to other people.)

– I am very capable of doing a lot of things for myself by myself, but I am not called to do it by myself, but what is my level of responsibility in finding and reminding those who are called to help me?

– I am also not called to be everybody’s answer – that is a very freeing realization

– Several weeks ago, I had my husband look at me and say “I’m sorry that being married to me has destined you to a life with no friends.”  It bugged me then and it still bugs me now.  It’s not his fault, not once has the thought ever crossed my mind to blame him.  I don’t blame any human for it, and I certainly don’t blame God.  God is in control but He’s not the author of strife.  So, no blaming, no finger-pointing, and no name-calling, but there’s something about his statement that bugs me and feels somewhat true.  Maybe it goes back to something I said earlier – if photographs only held the images of people who were actively in your life, I’d have some empty frames.

– The 3 things I’m choosing to work on right now: eating healthy, eating at home, and not practicing anger on inanimate objects – because faith says to call those things that be not as though they were.  Somehow I don’t think that works on cookies & cream ice cream,  Then, I read an article that said people who try to exert self-control (the example they used was dieting) tend to have and perceive more angry reactions (appropriateness was irrelevant).  Just a little deflating.

– What is it about follow-through that is so unattractive?  Like what takes more energy – putting the napkin beside the trashcan or in the trashcan? I would think a task being marked “complete” would be very attractive.  I’m not sure if this is a human thing or an American thing.  Somehow we’ve been taught “someone will come along behind me and finish it.”  Well, the rule has been at my house, if you leave your trash out, it will sit there (and sometimes begin to smell) until you throw it away.

Funny how after a brain-dump, the strangest things pop into my head… that’s another blog for another day!

the 3 things I’m choosing to work on: eating healthy, eating at home, and not practicing anger on inanimate objects – because faith says to call those things that be not as though they were.  Somehow I don’t think that works on cookies & cream ice cream

Official NCAA Tourney Bracket

Ken convinced me to fill out a bracket this year – it didn’t take much arm-twisting.

Last night, I sat at Sonny’s BBQ and filled out my bracket based solely on my gut reaction.  When I got home, I got signed up on and read through the match-up stats to see if I wanted to change anything.

That’s when the drama started…

Per the stats, some of my match-ups should have been reversed.  But this is March Madness people – what do stats have to do with anything??

As I looked through my selections, the stats (and sports news) were telling me to put Duke in… but I just can’t!  If I did, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night!

Why, you ask?

It’s in my genes!  Why do you have green eyes?  I dunno, it’s in my genes.  Why do you act like your daddy? I dunno, it’s in my genes.  Why do you like the Redskins?  I dunno, it’s in my genes.  Why do you pull for UNC and hate Duke.  I dunno, it’s in my genes.

My genes will not let me write Duke in, even when all the evidence is screaming that they very well could be repeat champs. (Another reason why it is called March Madness, perhaps?)

So, here is my official (and final bracket)… the one that will let me sleep peacefully at night.

Improve your memory

Did you know that you can improve your memory with a simple trick you can use everyday?

By inserting several 10-minute “routine busters” to your day, you can improve your brain.

The fast is, when you do the same things over and over all day, everyday, your brain kicks into cruise control – or “power saving mode” (if you think of your brain as a computer).  That means certain part of your brain are not active because through your routine it has learned that those parts aren’t needed for your tasks.

So, by adding a “routine buster”, you wake up the other parts of your brain.  And the more you use certain “pathways” in your brain, the easier they are to re-travel.  Remember a time that you drove to a new place for the first time?  I remember the first several times I drove to Savannah to go to pharmacy school.  I had my Google Maps sheet and I had to read every turn.  Well, after driving down there for 4 years, I could drive those roads almost subconsciously.  The more I drove the roads, the easier it was for me to get there and back.

A “routine buster” can be something like a crossword puzzle (you don’t have to complete it in 10 minutes but work on it that long), sudoku, brain teasers, riddles, Rubik’s cube (if that’s your cup of tea).

I think my grandmama figured this out long before science did.  As long as I can remember, at 7 pm she has to watch “Vanna” (aka Wheel of Fortune).  And what is Wheel of Fortune?  It’s basically a crossword puzzle on a light up board!  I’ve determined that she just might live to be 120 and still be in her right mind.  I also remember, as a little girl, we’d watch the “$25,000 Pyramid” (the original).  Talk about brain teasers!

Waking up those dormant part of your brain by breaking your routine is like freeing up memory space on a computer – it suddenly seems to run faster!

If you use Yahoo! Widgets, Kaiser Permanente has a brain teaser widget that gives you a new teaser or riddle every day.

Break out of your routine, tease your brain, and improve your memory!

What grows in your carpet?

Socks at my house are like mushrooms after lots of rain: they’re not there, then you blink and suddenly they’re everywhere!

I told Ken that tonight – he thought it was funny.  But I’m starting to think it’s true.  When take a dedicated amount of time to gather up laundry.  As I get into the rhythm of changing out the laundry on one of my days off, I walk through the house – and what do you think I see?


Socks scattered on the floor, socks oozing out from under the recliner – in the middle of the floor, against the wall, even on the couch!

I pick them up and then 3 hours later there’s more socks on the carpet!

I think every load of laundry I do has at least one sock in it.

And I have a sock orphanage: a place where orphan socks hang out until their match shows up – on the carpet!

So, what grows in your carpet?

Don’t try this at home!

There are plenty of ways to keep yourself and your family healthy, but I am about to show you one way that is NOT recommended!

About a month ago, Ken and I were at the airport in ATL to pick up Apostle David as he returned from a short trip to Nicaragua.  While we’re standing behind the ropes at the top of the escalators (for anyone who doesn’t know, the ATL airport has it’s own train!).  Most times, we enjoy people-watching to pass the time.  During this particular venture, I noticed a girl talking on her cell phone, but she had this other contraption up to her face…


I said to Ken “surely she doesn’t think that huffing Germ-X is going to keep the germs from the airport out of her nose?!”  I was fascinated so I continued to watch her.  She paced back and forth continuing to talk on the phone.  At first, she had the lid off and as she talked, once she reached up and scratched her chin.  Immediately after I watched her dump some Germ-X out on her finger and clean off her chin.  She did the same thing with the tip of her nose a few minutes later.  By this time, I’m wondering to myself  “does she bathe in this stuff?”  She walked out of sight for a while and when she came back, the lid was on and she was rhythmically squeezing the bottle to shoot air out of the spout, yes, and into her nose!  If you are that scared of germs, DON’T GO TO THE AIRPORT!  I began thinking, “I hope she’s not the driver for whomever she’s waiting on.  And I certainly hope we don’t leave at the same time because I really don’t want to be on the road with a driver under the influence of isopropyl alcohol.”

To set the record straight, isopropyl alcohol fumes WILL NOT kill germs in the air.  They will, however, kill olfactory cells (the ones in your nose that help you sense scents – haha) and brain cells. So, use it on your hands and use it to clean surfaces, but please don’t use it to clean out your nose!


Now that graduation is over, I’ve got to get crackin’ on studying for the boards. And that means I probably won’t be blogging as regularly.  I just received my study materials on Thursday, and they are hard core.  And so you won’t be too worried about me having all work and no play, here’s a picture of my study materials.


Your eyes are not deceiving you! The makers of this study kit added celeb pictures on the back of the one-sided posters as “study breaks” (there were a few pictures of girls, but I don’t care anything about J-Lo or Cameron Diaz).

So, don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine!