#sexyback11 – Week 5 – really, already?

I have no idea where this week has gone!  It feels like it’s been 3!  And since I can’t remember a whole lot about this week, this check-in won’t take very long…

Did not get a single bit of structured exercise in, but I did clean house.

Ate some good things, and then some not so good things.

Got called on Tuesday to have to work 2 shifts at a store that was 3 hours away.  Had to stay in a hotel.  Ate PB&J that I packed for myself.

Went shopping with my hubby to get the things we needed to finish off the guest room since my parents will be coming to stay in a couple of weeks.

Oh yeah, bought some Braves tickets to see them play the Cubs.

Good news:  I did not gain a single pound.

Bad news:  I did not lose a single pound.

On to week 6 – let’s hope I’m a little more conscious of it this time.


#Sexyback11 check-in Week 4

The wedding is over and we had to go back to life.

After all the hard work during wedding week, when I weighed in at home, I only gained one pound, so without a whole lot of effort, that LB was eliminated (despite all the cheating I did)!

My main cheat this week was Cokes – of the cherry variety. I learned that just because my employer considers the days I took off work for wedding week “vacation”, there was no rest involved. So to go back to work and expected to be 100%, my energy level needed help. Enter caffeine! And caffeine’s assistant, Rolo’s. I also cheated with fast food (that’s what happens when I don’t get to go grocery shopping as soon as I get back, and it may bee another week before I get a chance to consciously plan my grocery list). Been eating a lot of PB&J *sigh*

And with all the exhaustion, exercise has been out of the question.

So, I guess I would call week 4 an epic fail.

On to week 5!

1. Drink water
2. No fast food
3. Exercise: minimum of 10 minutes a day
4. Get rid of the Rolo’s
5. Go to bed at a decent hour (11 pm at the latest)

Wedding Week – Thursday – Sexyback Edition

I was up early yesterday to go with Christa to the airport to pick up the first of her friends arriving from out of town.

Then we finished up some of the small details at the church.  Ken went and picked up the 3 girls who were arriving close together.  Christa made him a sign with their names on them so they could find each other.  He found them – all at the same time – and they were squealing.

We all came home to get ready for the Bachelorette Party!  Here’s some pictures…


Sexyback Challenge Update

I have not weighed in this week because it always seems I weight 5 lbs more in Va on my mom’s scale than I do in Ga on my own scale.  But I have been following mom’s eating plan.  We both deviated some, but hopefully we did more good than harm.  Tuesday night we went to Red Lobster and I did eat 1 cheese biscuit, but I had broccoli and asparagus to try to counter act it.  Wednesday night I broke down and shared a Ice cream strawberry shortcake with Ken at TGIFriday so I wouldn’t have a breakdown.  And then Thursday night I had a sliver of mint chocolate chip ice cream cake at the party.  That’s the bad stuff…. the good stuff is that we had sandwiches on double fiber bread for lunch (and even some for breakfast) this week.  And all of my exercise has been the work we’ve done on the wedding, so I’m hoping the hard labor kept things burned off.

But…the dress will zip and I can breathe, so on Saturday, we well call that a success!

Sexyback Challenge: Semana Dos

Wow, week 2 is in the books – I feel like I’ve barely blinked!

Let’s see…my plan was to keep drinking water and to cut out fast food, and to keep exercising.

How did I do?


I succeeded at drinking only water except for the 2 nights I had berry smoothies.

I was successful at not eating fast food (which is hard to do working 12 hr shifts in a place you can’t leave – such is pharmacy life). One day I had Subway (I get double meat on grain bread with lots of veggies and very light sauce – healthy right?). Then two other days I had Zaxby’s (they have a sign at their drive-thru that says “not a fast food restaurant” – I hope that counts). But I did try to eat light and eat spicy (because spicy helps speed metabolism).

I did discover that I can take the recipe I posted here and turn it into a sandwich!

I cooked 2 meals at home (that’s more in one week than I’ve done in the past 3 months).


The Wii has hurt my feelings.  While I weigh most mornings on our bathroom scale and it is consistently going down (and yes, guys do lose faster than girls), I’m not always able to do Wii workouts at the same time everyday.  So, it is always telling me that my weight can fluctuate up to 2 lbs in a day.  So according to my bathroom scale, I’m down 3 lbs, though the Wii may tell me I’m only down 1 lb.  Only the dress will tell!

I have been working with my dog to learn to swim (what spaniel doesn’t love the water – mine!), so I’ve been in the pool a lot (working on my tan too).  You can see our swimming progress here.

And then since it’s vacation season, we’ve been short-handed at work.  Does filling prescriptions burn calories?  Yes, I believe it does – especially when I filled 85 Rx’s in a 12 hr shift by myself.  Or like Thursday night, 112 Rx’s in 12 hrs by myself (then had to spend a whole extra hour after closing time to finish the paperwork that goes with 112 Rx’s).  The problem with days like that is missing meals.  Yesterday, I hate breakfast at 7:50 am, and did not get my next bite of food until 5:30 pm.  And did not get to pee again until I got home at 11 pm.

*Here’s a word of advice to you wonderful sexybackers out there:  be kind and considerate to the people that serve you from behind a counter.  If it’s your lunch time, it’s probably lunch time for them too.  They have a bladder just like you do, and it fills up close to the same rate as yours.  They only have 2 ears, 2 hands, and 1 mouth – just like you.  And most of the time, they’re giving you something that you are going to consume (food, drink, medicine) and you don’t want to piss them off or stress them out because you just might get something you weren’t expecting. – Soapbox over*

Week 3 baby steps

Cut out bad snacking.  This next week is Wedding Week.  We’re leaving Sunday to go to Chesapeake, Va to prepare for the wedding.  My mom has a Wii, so I can still get my weigh-ins and workouts.  They also have a pool.  And a nice neighborhood with sidewalks (we don’t have sidewalks in the country).  We’re also going to be decorating and decorating and decorating – so I’m foreseeing lifting and climbing and contorting in my future.  And my mom has been on a new diet for the wedding, so if I eat what she eats, I should be good to go!

Sexyback Challenge: 1 down, 11 to go

So, a blog community that I follow has started this challenge to encourage and motivate each other towards healthier living.  For a lot of people it’s about weigh loss and changing unhealthy eating habits, but that’s not the bottom line for all.  The bottom line is – to live and be healthy.

It’s a 12 week challenge that started last Thursday, and the goal here is for each one to do what’s right for them, and then for us to celebrate with each other when success happens.

My Goals

Short term: MUST fit into the Bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding that is in 16 days.

Long term: To maintain a healthy weight, develop healthy habits of eating and exercising that will hopefully translate into sleeping well, stable moods, and endurance during long work days.

My Tools

Wii Fit Plus, Just Dance 2 for Wii

Thinking about adding in some of the P90X videos (like Core and Cardio and Abs and Yoga)

Hoping to add in the swimming pool.  Had an algae invasion and it’s been unswimmable.

Week 1

I was 3 days late to the challenge because my schedule got me behind on blog reading.

So, on Saturday, we hooked up the Wii. I danced 3 days, and did some of the Wii training 1 day (the hula-hoop game on the Wii Fit is one of the best for aerobics and core).

Also, my first step was to drink only water.  I drank only water with every meal except 3 nights this week, I made 2 fruit smoothies (Mango-Lemonade and Berry-Banana) and 1 mocha protein shake.  And 1 night I broke down and got a Sweet Tea from McDonald’s! #epicfail

I did my best to only eat when I felt hungry instead of eating because of the time on the clock or because I was bored.  Did ok, but the Pretzel M&M’s today at work caught me off guard. Another #epicfail

Week 2 baby steps

Got to cut out the fast food!  Even if I’m not able to fix food to take to work, and no one cooks before or when I get home, I don’t need anymore fast food.  And that might mean eating out of the cooler at work (at Walgreens we sell bread and meat and cheese, and peanut butter and jelly, and Lean Pockets).  And it might even mean Special K cereal for supper!