Wedding Week – Monday, July 4th

Happy 4th of July y’all!

Got to enjoy a great afternoon at the pool with my mom.  Just floating along, wherever the wind may blow us.  But just a warning – no matter how waterproof your sunscreen may be, it is no match for the Pool Float.  My float rubbed off the sunscreen I put on my stomach, so now i have a lobster belly.  I guess I’m just really wiggly on a pool float. (Glad my stomach doesn’t show in my bridesmaid dress).

My dad and Ken went and played a little golf (golf courses are crowded on holidays).

Then the 4 of us took out my cousins, Katlyn and Allison to see Cars 2 at the Cinema Cafe.  It was awesome – until we had to leave the theater in a huge downpour.

And since it’s the 4th, here’s some photos from the family holiday festivities I’ve participated in over the weekend.

The Roberts Party

The Jones Family


Brookgreen Gardens – Pictoblog

Brookgreen Gardens is the botanical gardens in Pawleys Island.  They were having an art show today, so we decided to check it out.  We saw some great art in the forms of paintings, jewelry, clocks, and pottery (to be respectful to the artists, no photographs were made).  But then we took a stroll around the garden…

We came across a couple sculptures that reminded me of two special artists I know, as well as the art they produce (some of you may be able to guess who, but I’ll tell you which is which).

This senorita reminded me of Vickie Bowman and the music she produces makes me want to dance like this sculpture.  (You can read her blog here)

If you can’t guess who this one is after learning the first… it probably just means you don’t know them personally.  This is Ann Bowman (Vickie’s twin sister).  I can picture her dancing like this, but I can also picture this dancing girl being depicted in her art (and if she doesn’t have a dancing girl and would like to paint this one, Ann, you’re welcome to it).  You can see some of her paintings here.

Marie:  Shooooweeee! There’s a snake in that hole!

Kenneth:  Where’s a snake?…Yep, there’s a snake.  You see that snake?

Ken:  Yep, I see that snake!

Cyn: The sign said there might be snakes…and to stay on the path.  That’s what happens when you get off the path.

Three-legged turtle

Snow Days

We went to Virginia to visit my parents for Christmas.  Thanks to the big winter storm we had a White Christmas!  But we also got stuck for a few days.  But before we left, we did get to play in the 14.2″ of snow!

Here’s some of the memorable moments…

Vacation Pictoblog: Fishing

We fished for 5 hours and brought home 8 Red Snapper, 1 Amberjack, 1 Grouper, 1 Mackerel, and 1 Bonita fish (not edible).  We also caught about 12 Grouper and 4 Amberjack that were below regulation and 1 Trigger Fish.  Marie also hooked two “enormous” Red Snapper that would have pulled the boat over if she hadn’t “let them go”!

You can find the complete photo album of our fishing trip and vacation on Facebook (once we’re home from vacation)!

God did something nice for me!

If you follow me on Twitter or on Facebook, you’ve probably heard a little about the troubles the roofers have caused me in the past couple weeks.  I told this story to the teens Sunday morning, and I wanted to share it with the blogosphere – complete with pictures!

About three weeks ago, the roofers finally made it to start working on the building I live in, putting on a brand new roof.  After about 4 days of work, a monsoon hit and stayed around for about two and a half weeks.  On about Day 12, I was on my porch watching a fantastic thunderstorm go by, when I suddenly heard the sound of rushing water (I was thoroughly expecting a car to come rushing through the river of a parking lot, sending water 15 feet into the air).  Instead, the noise was coming from inside the apartment!  I turned to see water pouring out of my ceiling, about 3 inches away from my lamp!  I rushed to get a towel and empty a trash can to prevent a huge mess.  I called the emergency maintenance line, but they said “just watch it, and we’ll check it in the morning to get it patched and clean the carpet.”  They never came.

Memorial Day weekend was the first time we had seen the sun in what seemed like forever.  As the sun continued to shine, the roofers got back to work.  Then last Thursday, I was in the kitchen fixing supper, I could hear the roofers still working.  A few minutes later, I walk to my bedroom to put on some shoes to go to my car and I see a chunk of sheet rock laying on the floor and some smaller pieces in the frame of my bed (becuase my mattress doesn’t fit quite as snugly as it should – Image 1).


I look up and there’s a pretty good sized hole next to the ceiling fan (Image 2 & 3).



So, I turn the light on to take a closer look at the mess on the floor (which the light switch also turns on the fan).  Suddenly, pieces of sheet rock go flying across the room!

I found some behind the door (Image 4).


And some more by the window (Image 5).


When the foreman came to look at the damage, he told me that because they messed up my carpet (I had a nice puddle of water under the hole as well – not pictured), I would not have to pay to have the carpet cleaned (per my contract with the apartment complex – worth $75) when I move out!

Pictoblog: My Sista Gurl!

I’ve been thinking a lot about Christa lately since she’s in Africa.  So, I’ve been going back through some of my favorite pictures of us together.

We tried to form a band…


I graduated… then she graduated…


Picture 042

Made a long-distance phone call…

talk to me

Wrote in the sand…


We worked…rehearsal

We played…3D sis

We looked in a mirror…mirror

…and we decided that we actually liked each other!