Emotional Soda Pop

Have you ever been so startled or scared that you just shut down and start crying?  Guys, maybe you haven’t experienced that, but the ladies may know what I’m talking about.  So fellas, pay attention because I’m about to explain something to you about they way women think and feel that might just help you out.

I have been scared to the point of tears about twice in my life.  Once was when I was little (about 7 years old).  I was sitting on my bed in my room watching TV and my dad pops through the door and says “boo!”  I just looked at him and laughed and said “you didn’t scare me!”  So he laughed and left the room and I continued watching TV.  A few minutes later he jumps through the door and yells and I screamed and just burst into tears.  My little kid mind knew that my dad was just playing around and wasn’t being mean but it felt like something inside me had exploded and I just cried and cried.

This past Saturday night, Ken was log rolling from one side of the bed to the other, not allowing me to have any space on the bed.  So, playfully, I pouted and went in the other room but didn’t bother to turn any lights on.  I sat on the couch for a minute or two and then decided to go back into our room.  I pushed the door open and suddenly, Ken yells and grabs me and I screamed, stumbled backwards and fell down and started crying.  He’s laying on the bed laughing – and in the logical side of my brain, I knew it was funny and I knew he wasn’t being cruel about it, I just couldn’t convince my emotions that it was funny.

So, when Ken asked me why it made me cry so bad, I couldn’t really explain it at that moment.  But after thinking about it, I found a good illustration for that situation that can possibly be applied to all of the emotions of a woman.

A woman’s emotional center is like a bottle of soda (in the South we call it Coke, but just so everyone understands, I’ll call it soda).  Sometimes, it gets bumped and fizzes up a little but if you give it a second, the fizz will calm down and it’s all back to normal.  Other times, like the instances where I had been frightened, the “soda” gets shook up so bad that there’s no containing the fizz and the soda explodes into this eruption of fizz.  In those cases, you can’t twist the cap back on to hold the fizz in, you just have to let it fizz until it’s done.  And when it’s done, it’s done.

Shake the “soda” and a woman may appear to be an emotional basket case, but her logic and reasoning center is in tact.  Drop something in the soda (think Mentos in a Diet Coke, Mentos = hormones) and you get the same response but without the logic and reasoning (you know, when you ask her what’s wrong and she say “I don’t know!”).

Some people’s “soda” is more tolerant to shaking than others – so don’t judge.  Which makes me think – that means guys have “soda”, it’s just flat!


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  1. The Entertaining Bachelor says:

    That’s a good point. You explain this very well. Perhaps you can help me out and lots of other men too.
    I have a section on my new blog call “Women’s Point of View” that gives you girls a chance to tell us guys what we do wrong, and what we should do right. Tell all your GF too. The more you tell us what you like, the more you’ll help guys out there, which in turn benefits the women they meet. Keep in mind you’re really helping other women.

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