Wedding Week – Saturday – Wedding Day!

When it’s an evening wedding, we all get to sleep in. Christa went for her hair appointment while the rest of us got ready at the house. We piled in the cars and drove to the church where lunch was provided and we all zipped into our dresses…and yes, my dress fit wonderfully!

We piled back in the cars and went down the street to the city arboretum for an “on location” photo shoot. It was so much fun! The photographer was very laid back and so cute when she would get excited about a good shot. We did some straight poses but we also did some fun poses too. And thank goodness we were in the shade and there was a breeze.

Then we piled back in the cars and travelled back to the church to freshen up and prepare for the big event. Everyone and everything was so beautiful. The ceremony was awesome. We were all holding it together until Alex choked up during his vows and had to whisper the last line…that’s when we all lost it – me, the whole line of bridesmaids the moms and even Christa. Thank you Waterproof mascara!

We had some excitement as the wedding party since we were told we didn’t have permission to decorate the getaway car. They borrowed a Lexus convertible from a friend and made a promise that no one would touch it. So we conspired with the non-wedding party friends to sneak over to Alex’s house and decorate his Aztec since that’s what they would be driving to the hotel and th en to the airport.

Te reception was a terrific party with great food and lots of dancing, mom did the Cupid Shuffle with us, and dad did the twist. I even got to slow dance with Ken. My favorite part was e banana pudding! Thank you Ken for suggesting it to me, who suggested it to mom, who suggested it to Christa, who decided it was a good addition to the dessert menu.

Sparkers lined the row that led the to the getaway car and off they went. The rest of us were left to clean up. With all the volunteers we had to help, things got back to normal really quick. Then afterwards we went out for pizza with some friends that we don’t get to see very often, and I told Ken it a nice to socialize with people without an agenda. All the hanging out we had done this week happened around a task. We were finally able to just relax.

Got back home and went to bed about 1 AM…and the perfect day was over! And by the end, there was no doubt who’s wedding it was – it had Christa and Alex written all over it!


Wedding Week – Friday – Rehearsal

This morning, Christa and I went to get our nails done… can I just say I LOVE having my nails done!  They make me feel girly and I like it.

We finished up the minor decorating details and went back home to swim and sun.  I fell asleep out by the pool.  Christa had to yell my name like 7 times to wake me up to tell me my face was getting red.  Wow, I must be tired!

We all showers and got fancied up for rehearsal.  I wore the dress Christa picked out for me.  Then her friend Audrey did my hair and make-up.  Sometimes I feel a little retarded because I’m 28 years old and totally incompetent at doing my own hair and make-up in any way that is stylish.  But it is what it is… and at least they’ll be around to help me out tomorrow.

Rehearsal went smoothly, Noah didn’t want to touch Allison when they exit at the end, so who knows how all that will actually go.

Dinner was at Passions, it’s a local restaurant that buys all it’s foods locally.  We ate TONS of food.  But it was all so good… even the molten chocolate lava cake!  Got to sit and chat with Missy and Josh (Alex’s brother and sister-in-law) and their kids.  It was a hoot!  Ben, their youngest son, is the fastest, sneakiest, go-go-gadget-armiest 18 month old I’ve ever seen.  He got into everything, but no major disasters.

Christa gave out her gifts her friends.  I got a beautiful pearl necklace with earrings to wear with my dress tomorrow!

The boys went to play Reball for Alex’s bachelor party, so they’ll be in late.  Just hope no one shows up at the wedding with a black eye.

Wedding Week – Thursday – Sexyback Edition

I was up early yesterday to go with Christa to the airport to pick up the first of her friends arriving from out of town.

Then we finished up some of the small details at the church.  Ken went and picked up the 3 girls who were arriving close together.  Christa made him a sign with their names on them so they could find each other.  He found them – all at the same time – and they were squealing.

We all came home to get ready for the Bachelorette Party!  Here’s some pictures…


Sexyback Challenge Update

I have not weighed in this week because it always seems I weight 5 lbs more in Va on my mom’s scale than I do in Ga on my own scale.  But I have been following mom’s eating plan.  We both deviated some, but hopefully we did more good than harm.  Tuesday night we went to Red Lobster and I did eat 1 cheese biscuit, but I had broccoli and asparagus to try to counter act it.  Wednesday night I broke down and shared a Ice cream strawberry shortcake with Ken at TGIFriday so I wouldn’t have a breakdown.  And then Thursday night I had a sliver of mint chocolate chip ice cream cake at the party.  That’s the bad stuff…. the good stuff is that we had sandwiches on double fiber bread for lunch (and even some for breakfast) this week.  And all of my exercise has been the work we’ve done on the wedding, so I’m hoping the hard labor kept things burned off.

But…the dress will zip and I can breathe, so on Saturday, we well call that a success!

Wedding Week – Wednesday

Well, if I thought I worked hard yesterday, today was “hard work” times 25!

The big experiment for today was the backdrop for the ceremony. The stage is like 30 feet wide and to spread your wedding party out that far is a little ridiculous. So, Christa and mom brainstormed this backdrop to make a frame for the ceremony. First we had to make sure it was going to stand, then we had to decide what all was going to go on it. It was way easier and sturdier than we thought – SUCCESS!

We also got the aisle decorations up and the guestbook table decorated. Got the dance floor down and the lobby of the reception partly decorated.

Then to our surprise, the table linens arrived. So I learned how to dress a chair and tie s bow. You would think that a bow is a bow, but it’s not. And I got pretty good at tying bows, so much that I might start tying the sheets in my sleep (Ken better be careful)!

Had some more “who’s wedding is it anyway” moments.

I have to give mad props to my husband… 1) for knowing my breaking point and taking me to dinner and getting me ice cream 2) for keeping his mouth shut when he is told that his help isn’t good enough because he’s a man (and keeping me cool cuz them’s fightin’ words). 3) for staying way longer and helping with more tasks than what I originally promised 4) for recognizing how much I’ve grown in certain areas since we did all this for our own wedding

But a bonus from today: Dad, Ken, and I got our hair cut!  My bangs were out of control, and something had to be done our I might’ve missed the wedding!

I usually don’t work more than 12-hour shifts at my job, and just as a heads up, there’s a certain brain-deadness that comes over me when that 12th hour approaches. I had reached that point today at 4 pm – to me that proves I worked hard.

Wedding Week – Tuesday

Today was the first day of hard labor…though it didn’t start off that way.

We first went and got our eyebrows waxed. Then we went and got pedicures. Then we had lunch. Then all the work started.

We took 3 car-loads of decorations to the church. Unloaded and sorted everything. The guys set up tables for the reception, while me and sis cleaned the lobby. And amazingly, it didn’t take as long as anyone projected. Efficient workers? Probably. Expert packers? Thanks to the years of moving out of dorms and apartments and learning from the packing queen, my MIL, yeah buddy!

We had some “who’s wedding is it anyway?” moments, but we survived.

After the hard labor, Alex, Christa, Ken, and I went shopping at the mall and out to eat. I got me a dress to wear for rehearsal and Christa some things to complete her wardrobe for the honeymoon. The boys went to the book store.

And I think Ken was lonely because he’s now joined the “red” club. The back of his legs got sun burnt today playing golf. We love aloe and aleve!

Wedding Week – Monday, July 4th

Happy 4th of July y’all!

Got to enjoy a great afternoon at the pool with my mom.  Just floating along, wherever the wind may blow us.  But just a warning – no matter how waterproof your sunscreen may be, it is no match for the Pool Float.  My float rubbed off the sunscreen I put on my stomach, so now i have a lobster belly.  I guess I’m just really wiggly on a pool float. (Glad my stomach doesn’t show in my bridesmaid dress).

My dad and Ken went and played a little golf (golf courses are crowded on holidays).

Then the 4 of us took out my cousins, Katlyn and Allison to see Cars 2 at the Cinema Cafe.  It was awesome – until we had to leave the theater in a huge downpour.

And since it’s the 4th, here’s some photos from the family holiday festivities I’ve participated in over the weekend.

The Roberts Party

The Jones Family

Wedding Week – Sunday

Today is the first day of what I am calling Wedding Week!
My sister is getting married Saturday, July 9, and the forces are gathering to celebrate (and work hard to make her dream come true).
As I type this, I’m tethering wifi from Ken’s iPhone to my iPad as we drive down I-85. And the holiday weekend has shown up in fine style – exit 71 in NC and we’ve seen 8 State Patrol cars!
The car is packed with (hopefully) everything we need for he weekly festivities. Dresses and shoes and yoga pants and golf clubs and jewelry and cameras and every hair-styling tool I own – certainly I don’t need anything else!
When we arrive, we will be walking into the July 4th party my mom has planned – and it’s going to be an awesome start to a week full of fun and family. (I will add to this post as the more exciting events start happening)
By the end of our ride, we counted 21 State Troopers on the road.
Arrived, unpacked, hugged folks, then made broccoli slaw.
My dad’s parents came, and his two brothers, and the kids. Alex’s parents came as well. We had a total of 16 people in the pool at mom’s (video and photos to follow later this week). This was the big party mom planned, and other than the grill running out of gas in the middle of cooking hamburgers, all went well. Then Ken and Alex shot off the fireworks we brought and even got a standing-O from the neighbors!
It’s been a good day, now to sleep to prepare for tomorrow’s activities!