My Hubby’s birthday

So, yesterday was Ken’s birthday… and I had to work. But I spent most of the day thinking about him, and during that time I was reminded of some secret (and silly) reasons I married him. I think I’ve probably only told Ken and my mom these things, so now the world knows…

1. I wanted an older man. Ken is 1 month and 6 days older than me, so technically he’s older and it counts.

2. I didn’t want to marry anyone who had a last name that started with a “C” or a “J”. I had been CJJ during my single life and I didn’t want to be CJC or CJJ for all of my married life. So, now I’m CJH, and perfectly happy!

3. A bonus: I went from “Jones” to “Hendrix” so if I’m ever alphabetized, I’m closer to the front of the line!

4. I’m still shorter than him in my highest high heels (as long as he doesn’t slouch)!

5. He likes to pick out clothes for me (this didn’t start out as a positive). Even though we still struggle with getting the right sizes online, that’s just the weakness of shopping online when you can’t try on clothes. And it’s not his fault the company makes their clothes for people who have their ribs sitting on their hips and no torso in between!

And I have to say, I’m quite proud of the present I got him. Though I think I should only get 1/3 of the credit – I picked it out and paid for it. Carlos Whittaker gets 1/3 for his product recommendation on his blog – Ragamuffin Soul, and ColsenKeane gets the other 1/3 for making such great products and having great integrity as a company (when they messed up, they admitted it, and let me reap the benefit of their mistake). You’ll have to ask him to show it off for you! (And yes, I think my present is better than the Tiger Woods ’12 Masters Golf for Wii that my dad sent him, but I’m partial like that!)


It’s my Anniversary!

Two years ago, I married the man of my dreams! And these two years have been a whirlwind.  Out of those two years, we’ve only lived under the same roof for 10 months. (If that doesn’t make sense to you, I suggest you read some previous posts – these, and this one). That makes it fun, and difficult.  It’s fun because the surrealness of being together all the time hasn’t worn off.  It’s difficult because sometimes we’ll try to live at the 2 year level with only 10 months of experience.

But if we can come out of these past two crazy years so blessed by God, I can’t imagine what’s in store for year 3 and beyond.

And now I just want to share some of my favorite moments from the past two years…

cakesing to mehoneymoonhockeyputt puttfishing 1Vicky Bhikingsignanchor

We are one good lookin’ couple, if I do say so myself!

It’s Ken’s Birthday

In honor if Ken’s birthday (and since I’m not able to be home), I am going to share with everyone all the things I love about my husband… (I stole this idea from Holly Furtick)

… the way he hollers when I put my cold hands or feet on him.

…the way he tickles me mercilessly until I leap off of the piece of furniture I was happily sitting on!

…the way he enjoys picking out clothes for me (yes, he even enjoys shopping with me for a little while)

…the way he enjoys cooking in the kitchen with me (and sometimes experimenting with spices we don’t even know how to pronounce).

…the way he loves watching the Discovery channel.

…the way he blurts out the last thought of a conversation he had been having with himself in his head (this usually confuses me greatly).

…the way he apologizes for the house not being clean when I get home.

…the way he doesn’t mind my legs being hairy.

…the way he is a groggy zombie until he has his shower in the mornings.

…the way he calls me a different pet name almost every time he calls me.

…the way he has told me “goodnight” the exact same way ever since we first started dating…he says “sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs steal any of my kisses”.

…the way he blows me a kiss on the phone before he hangs up.

…the way he gets creative when I start getting cabin fever from being cooped up in the house.

…the way he laughs when we end up thinking or saying the same exact thing.

…the way he makes me laugh (laughing burns calories, and I love to laugh).

…the way he is so dedicated to the GBF vision.

…the way he cares so much about the people on his teams (more than they think they do).

…the way he blushes when I write sweet stuff about him (like this).

…the way he wallows in his recliner and ends up halfway on mine.

…the way he loves planning surprises for me but hates keeping it a secret for too long.

…the way he goes ga-ga over my new hair cut.

…the way he reiterates his dedication to my dream and to our marriage exactly when I need it.

…the way he writes me mushy poems in my email that make me blush when I’m at work.

So, happy birthday baby!  I think I’m finally getting better at the “birthday surprise” thing (or at least I think I am)!  I love you… and now the whole world knows!

Escape from St. Patrick

For those who don’t know – St. Patrick’s Day is a huge day of celebration in Savannah.  Parade, parties, food, drinks, beads, all the craziness.  It seems like the whole Southeast United States decends on Savannah the weekend before St. Patty’s day to take part in the festivities.  I, on the other hand, care nothing about any of it…I’m not Irish, I’m not Catholic, and I’m not an alcoholic.  So far, I have been able to escape St. Patrick’s Day because it fell close to or on a weekend.  This year, it was on Tuesday!

My husband, Ken, decided to give me a little surprise (well, half of a surprise because he wanted me to approve, plus he just really doesn’t like keeping secrets!)  Monday night, he drove down to Savannah and picked me up after work and drove me to Hilton Head Island (that part I knew about).  He had booked a 1-night stay at the Hilton Oceanfront Resort for the two of us.  It was raining but I didn’t care!


We got dressed up and went to dinner at the hotel restaurant – hh prime – some of the best food I’ve ever put in my mouth!  We were going to try to walk on the beach but it was cloudy and creepy dark, then it started raining again.

hh prime

Who knew the perfect vacation would be going to bed at 10 pm!!

We thought about waking up to see the sunrise – it was still cloudy plus sleeping in sounded so much better.  We checked out and then headed back to the beach.  I love the beach any time of the year- even when it is 60 degrees and windy!


Then, we just spent the day driving around Hilton Head – went to the mall, ate at Fudruckers, got accosted by a time shares guys (read about that on Ken’s blog), stopped by Tanger (whoever called those outlets must be confused!) – then headed back to Savannah.

Oh and guess what?!  Neither one of us wore green all day!!

Then we just spent the evening in, watched American Idol and ate Zaxby’s!

My hero really came through for me!

Taming Ken – Part 4 – The Love Umbrella

A few weeks ago, Ken and I had a fun conversation about when was the first time we thought we were falling in love with each other. So, I want to share my story with you.
At our church, we have a band of guys that man the parking lot before each service. On rainy days, they even come get you with an umbrella!
It seems like every time I recall arriving at church in my mom’s purple Dodge Caravan on a rainy day or night, Ken was the umbrella guy who escorted me to the building.
So, as a Valentine’s tribute to true love. Here is a theme song Ken actually approves of.
Bus Stop

Taming Ken – Part 3 – Ice Cream Bribes

When Ken and I first starting “talking” (you know, one of those in-between stages of “just friends” and “dating” that teenagers use to describe their relationships), I was working at the Emmanuel Student Activity Center (fondly called the SAC) during the summer.  Ken was taking a few summer classes and would come visit me in between classes.  Some days, Ken would come in with Jay or Moose (or both), other days, he’d come in by himself (as he got braver).  Even other days, I’d get visits from Moose and Jay by themselves and they would tell me how much Ken talks about me and likes me!

So, one day, Ken comes in and we’re chatting and laughing.  As it got time for him to leave, he stands up to give me a hug and says “see ya later, shorty!”  Just as with any early “talking” relationship, I got mad (sorta) and said “don’t call me short!” and pouted.  He left, I made rounds and came back to my office to read.  About 15 minutes later, Ken comes back in with a cup of chocolate ice cream from the Water Wheel!  Trying to remain mad at him, I made my best effort to act like I didn’t like chocolate ice cream – but I failed because chocolate is my FAVORITE ice cream!  Needless to say, I ate the ice cream and forgave him for calling me short.

Chocolate ice cream seems to be my weakness – and Ken has used it for his benefit more than once!

Taming Ken – Part 2 – Blame it on the mamas

My family started going to FCF (now GBF) the summer before I started my freshman year of college. After attending for several months, one Sunday my mom asked me “do you know that guy? He’s the assistant pastor’s son; he goes to Emmanuel. He’s cute! Have you seen him before?” My normal, 19 year old answer was “No, mama” and changed the subject, even though I was secreting eying the guy she pointed out.
Several more months went by, it was summer time again, and I was home from college. My dad had a summer coaching job in Virginia and my mom and sister went to visit him for Father’s Day. I was taking summer classes so I couldn’t go. My grandparents were also out of town so I spent Father’s Day all by myself – but I went to church! So, after Sunday night’s service, Mrs. Marie stopped me and asked where everyone was. I told her about their trip and she said “You look down. You need a mama hug. I want you to meet my son – this is Ken!” Ken rushed in, said “hey”, and rushed out.
A few weeks later, at Echo, I sat between these two black girls (Ann and Vickie, the super twins – we made an Oreo!) and Ken sat across the table from us (as I said before – all love blooms at Echo) and I gave him permission to call me.
So – Ken and I got together thanks to our mamas!