Bring it on!

It’s amazing how God prepares me – even when I don’t ask for it and I’m not trying to prepare myself.

We took out teens to Acquire the Fire this weekend in ATL and had a fantastic time!  Phil Joel did the P&W all weekend, and Saturday evening, he sang a song that has been stuck with me for a couple days now.  Here’s the lyrics…

Take My Heart

Today’s another day
Let’s forget about yesterday
Tomorrow’s another way
To distract us from now

So here we are
The day is young
What will be? What will become?
I’m gonna let You decide
I’ll be me and You be You
Why do I confuse the two?
I gotta swallow my pride

Take my heart
Take it all
I lay my life down at Your feet
‘Cause I want what You want for me
Take my heart
Take it all

Today’s another day
This tomorrow’s yesterday is now
We’re only one breath away
From it all falling down

So, let’s scatter those dreams
The ashes of our own opinions
Here’s to good health
Selfish ambition
Creates our own custom religion
I’m so tired of myself

Here we are the days of young
What will be? What will become?
I’m gonna let You decide
I’ll be me and You be You
Why do I confuse the two?
I gotta swallow my pride

Bring it on
Bring it on
Oh, Lord

I want what You want for me
Whatever it takes
Whatever you want
Bring it on

Now, if you read Ken’s  Heretics blog, then I’m sure you’ve read his Ordination post (if not, read it now).

I woke up from my Sunday afternoon nap, singing this song.  Sang it during our GUTS team meeting.  And then kept singing it while I was sitting in the ordination service, listening to Apostle David exhort the two couples being ordained (Ken and me, and Orlando and Marshalle).  Even through the list of “trials and tribulations”.

Who in their right mind would say:  “Oh, you mean all that is going to happen and more?  Bring it on!”

In the words of Veggie Tales:  My God is bigger than the Boogey Man!



Taming Ken – Part 4 – The Love Umbrella

A few weeks ago, Ken and I had a fun conversation about when was the first time we thought we were falling in love with each other. So, I want to share my story with you.
At our church, we have a band of guys that man the parking lot before each service. On rainy days, they even come get you with an umbrella!
It seems like every time I recall arriving at church in my mom’s purple Dodge Caravan on a rainy day or night, Ken was the umbrella guy who escorted me to the building.
So, as a Valentine’s tribute to true love. Here is a theme song Ken actually approves of.
Bus Stop

I love beans!

You know how I said I’d probably end up blogging about some random things… where here’s one of those things…

When I was little, the only kind of peas or beans I would eat were english peas and green beans.  But my mom would cook all kinds of beans and peas – black eyes, limas, pinto…  I didn’t like them, but she would always put a spoonful on my plate for me to eat (about 6 – 12 peas) and I would always eat them.

Then I met Ken… and his mom would cook for us sometimes and cook some of the same type of beans or peas my mom did.  Out of habit I would get 1 spoonful of peas and eat them (I had eaten them all my life so I had tested it many time and I was positive I did not like them).  And yes, Marie and PK laughed at me and my little spoonful.

Now, I’m on a Daniel Fast with church and what’s the main items on the menu? Limas, black eyes, pintos… <sigh>.  So, I made vegetable soup – added black eyes, and butterbeans.  We got some Limas and some field peas that my MIL and FIL (that’s the abbreviation/nickname for mother-in-law and father-in-law) had in their freezer.

You won’t believe it!!  I like beans!  I told my grandmama and grandaddy that (the ones that grew the beans and peas my mom would cook and feed to me) and they didn’t believe it at first either.  My veggie soup is pretty dang good for a first time cook (if I do say so myself) and the beans are getting better (as I’m learning how to fix them right).

So, as a thank you to the Daniel Fast for teaching me to like beans, I have a video and song I want to share with all of you…