Moses had a rod

As I’ve reached the end of Moses in my reading plan, I had a grand realization of the power that God gave him as he freed and led the Israelites…

Moses is like Gandalf!

Yeah, you heard me right…

As God instructed Moses and proved Himself to Moses, He gave Moses a tool… a rod (aka a staff)!

God has Moses use his rod for many of the miracles performed on the Israelites’ behalf.

The rod became a snake.

He waved the rod over the water and it turned to blood.

He waved the rod over the water and the frogs came out.

He lifted the rod into the air and hail  and fire started to fall.

He waved the rod over the land and the wind brought in the locust.

He lifted the rod and parted the Red Sea.

He hit the rock with the rod and water came out (even when he wasn’t instructed to).

He held up the rod (and as long as he did, even with help), Israel won the battle.

Going back to my Felt People days, just like Abraham, Moses was portrayed as a decrepit old man who needed that rod to help him walk rather than perform miracles from God.  Then God wrote the law on 2 stone tablets for Moses to bring back to the people.  Either God wrote in 1.5 pt font or Moses was a pretty strong dude to haul those tablets down the mountain.  Does that sound like a guy who was so old he needed a stick to help him walk?

Yeah, didn’t think so.

Now, as I think about Moses, I picture him as Gandalf – he still has a beard, and he still has a stick – but he’s a man who is strong, and wise in God, with a stick that represents the power God demonstrated through him.