Wedding Week – Wednesday

Well, if I thought I worked hard yesterday, today was “hard work” times 25!

The big experiment for today was the backdrop for the ceremony. The stage is like 30 feet wide and to spread your wedding party out that far is a little ridiculous. So, Christa and mom brainstormed this backdrop to make a frame for the ceremony. First we had to make sure it was going to stand, then we had to decide what all was going to go on it. It was way easier and sturdier than we thought – SUCCESS!

We also got the aisle decorations up and the guestbook table decorated. Got the dance floor down and the lobby of the reception partly decorated.

Then to our surprise, the table linens arrived. So I learned how to dress a chair and tie s bow. You would think that a bow is a bow, but it’s not. And I got pretty good at tying bows, so much that I might start tying the sheets in my sleep (Ken better be careful)!

Had some more “who’s wedding is it anyway” moments.

I have to give mad props to my husband… 1) for knowing my breaking point and taking me to dinner and getting me ice cream 2) for keeping his mouth shut when he is told that his help isn’t good enough because he’s a man (and keeping me cool cuz them’s fightin’ words). 3) for staying way longer and helping with more tasks than what I originally promised 4) for recognizing how much I’ve grown in certain areas since we did all this for our own wedding

But a bonus from today: Dad, Ken, and I got our hair cut!  My bangs were out of control, and something had to be done our I might’ve missed the wedding!

I usually don’t work more than 12-hour shifts at my job, and just as a heads up, there’s a certain brain-deadness that comes over me when that 12th hour approaches. I had reached that point today at 4 pm – to me that proves I worked hard.


It’s Ken’s Birthday

In honor if Ken’s birthday (and since I’m not able to be home), I am going to share with everyone all the things I love about my husband… (I stole this idea from Holly Furtick)

… the way he hollers when I put my cold hands or feet on him.

…the way he tickles me mercilessly until I leap off of the piece of furniture I was happily sitting on!

…the way he enjoys picking out clothes for me (yes, he even enjoys shopping with me for a little while)

…the way he enjoys cooking in the kitchen with me (and sometimes experimenting with spices we don’t even know how to pronounce).

…the way he loves watching the Discovery channel.

…the way he blurts out the last thought of a conversation he had been having with himself in his head (this usually confuses me greatly).

…the way he apologizes for the house not being clean when I get home.

…the way he doesn’t mind my legs being hairy.

…the way he is a groggy zombie until he has his shower in the mornings.

…the way he calls me a different pet name almost every time he calls me.

…the way he has told me “goodnight” the exact same way ever since we first started dating…he says “sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs steal any of my kisses”.

…the way he blows me a kiss on the phone before he hangs up.

…the way he gets creative when I start getting cabin fever from being cooped up in the house.

…the way he laughs when we end up thinking or saying the same exact thing.

…the way he makes me laugh (laughing burns calories, and I love to laugh).

…the way he is so dedicated to the GBF vision.

…the way he cares so much about the people on his teams (more than they think they do).

…the way he blushes when I write sweet stuff about him (like this).

…the way he wallows in his recliner and ends up halfway on mine.

…the way he loves planning surprises for me but hates keeping it a secret for too long.

…the way he goes ga-ga over my new hair cut.

…the way he reiterates his dedication to my dream and to our marriage exactly when I need it.

…the way he writes me mushy poems in my email that make me blush when I’m at work.

So, happy birthday baby!  I think I’m finally getting better at the “birthday surprise” thing (or at least I think I am)!  I love you… and now the whole world knows!

We survived Amicalola Falls!!

My wonderful husband planned an adventurous outing for us this weekend.  We drove up to Amicalola Falls and hiked to the top.  It was the PERFECT day for this type of adventure.  The weather was perfect – 65 degrees, sunny but breezy, and CLEAR!  We hiked 2.5 miles and 604 steps, and we’ve got some great pictures to commerate our exciting trip!  So I am going to share (with captions)!

Walking on a log

Yes, I walked out there, took a picture, then said “I’m stuck!  Come get me!”


This is the reflecting pool at the bottom of the falls.  And yes, I have 2 pairs of sunglasses on!!

Ice on the rock

There was icicles growing out of the rocks!

stairs This is the just the 2nd half of the stairs we had to climb!

windy It was slightly windy at the top

Ken climbing To prove that Ken was with me, here is he climbing the rock face!

mtn view I’d hike this mountain 1000 times for a view like this!!

the trail sign We hiked the 1st one going up, and the 2nd one on the way down

Ken fallsCyn fallsHere we are in front of the falls.  We tried to get a pic together but we’re both still learning how to take pics on Ken’s new iPhone.

Here is my one deep insight from our trip today – people always want to be on top of the mountain with God, but they aren’t willing to climb all the steps it takes to get there!