My Hubby’s birthday

So, yesterday was Ken’s birthday… and I had to work. But I spent most of the day thinking about him, and during that time I was reminded of some secret (and silly) reasons I married him. I think I’ve probably only told Ken and my mom these things, so now the world knows…

1. I wanted an older man. Ken is 1 month and 6 days older than me, so technically he’s older and it counts.

2. I didn’t want to marry anyone who had a last name that started with a “C” or a “J”. I had been CJJ during my single life and I didn’t want to be CJC or CJJ for all of my married life. So, now I’m CJH, and perfectly happy!

3. A bonus: I went from “Jones” to “Hendrix” so if I’m ever alphabetized, I’m closer to the front of the line!

4. I’m still shorter than him in my highest high heels (as long as he doesn’t slouch)!

5. He likes to pick out clothes for me (this didn’t start out as a positive). Even though we still struggle with getting the right sizes online, that’s just the weakness of shopping online when you can’t try on clothes. And it’s not his fault the company makes their clothes for people who have their ribs sitting on their hips and no torso in between!

And I have to say, I’m quite proud of the present I got him. Though I think I should only get 1/3 of the credit – I picked it out and paid for it. Carlos Whittaker gets 1/3 for his product recommendation on his blog – Ragamuffin Soul, and ColsenKeane gets the other 1/3 for making such great products and having great integrity as a company (when they messed up, they admitted it, and let me reap the benefit of their mistake). You’ll have to ask him to show it off for you! (And yes, I think my present is better than the Tiger Woods ’12 Masters Golf for Wii that my dad sent him, but I’m partial like that!)



I’ve killed 3 wasps in 2 days in my house.  With the warm weather, they’ve woke up and seem to be everywhere.  And it’s reminded me that wasps are my #1 least favorite thing about warm weather.  Here’s why….

On one not-so-special day in May 2005, I had nothing much to do so I decided I’d drive from Franklin Springs to Lavonia to use Ken’s mom’s tanning bed that she had in the storage room of their garage.  I was told that I could come over and use it anytime I wanted.  It was a nice day other than my pasty white legs reflecting in the sunlight.  So, I go to tan.

I turned on the light in the room and noticed 2 wasps flying around it.  I didn’t panic, I just thought “as long as they stay up there while I’m down here, we’ll be just fine.”  I was only going to tan for about 7 minutes (you have to build up), but I set the timer on 20 minutes to let it warm up (cold tanning beds are not fun) while I put on my tanning lotion.

It was counting down and was about time for me to get in.  I looked around – Wasps on ceiling? Check. Door locked? Check.  Goggles? Check.  So, I open the lid and lay down.  About 12 seconds later, this excruciating pain shot through my back and I came flying out of the tanning bed and starting stomping my feet and dancing around the room.  When I could finally see through my tears, there was a wasp flailing around in the tanning bed where my back used to be.

Now, I said this was a not-so-special day in May; it was actually 3 days before my 22rd birthday.  I couldn’t tell if I was crying because it hurt, or because I was mad that I had to get completely dressed to go find someone to help me, or because I had gone 21 years, 11 months, and 27 days without being stung my anything worse than an ant!

So, I come out of the room into the sunshine and Marie is coming around the end of the house and sees me.  Our interaction went something like this…

Marie:  “Hey, girl!  I didn’t know you were here.”

Cyn:  *sob* Hey, Marie… *sob* I just got stung… *sob* by a wasp… *sob*sob* in the TANNING BED!  *SOB*SOB*SOB*

Marie: Oh no!  Come in the house, I’m sure I’ve got something we can put on it.  You’re not allergic, are you

Cyn: *sob* I don’t know… *sob* never been stung before *sob*sob*

<enter the house> Marie reaches in the freezer and grabs a few ice cubes, wraps them in a paper towel, and tucks it in my bra strap to hold it in place to get the swelling down.  Then she pulls out the “medicine tub” and starts looking through tubes of creams

Marie: I’ve got some Benadryl cream and some Benadryl spray and some Benadryl capsules and some Benzocain spray and some Neosporin.  Here’s some Advil, take these now.  I guess we can just use all of these.

So, standing in her kitchen, she proceeds to apply Benadryl spray, Benzocain spray, Benadryl cream, and Neosporin, followed by a Band-Aid – always letting the previous layer dry/soak in before applying the next.

Then we walked back out to the storage room to see why there were wasps in there.  The wasp that stung me was still laying in the tanning bed, and the 2nd one was back up at the light on the ceiling.  She made sure they were dead and ensured me that she’d have Kenneth to look around outside for a nest since we didn’t see one inside.  And we went back to the house.

Then she says “Here’s 2 Benadryl capsules, but don’t take them until you get home and know you aren’t going to have to drive anywhere else.  The guys were out working, they should be home soon.  Here’s some chocolate pudding, I’m going to go finish weeding in the front yard.”

So, when it was all over, Ken found me sitting on his mom’s front porch, red-faced and teary-eyed, and eating chocolate pudding – and still white!

The good news…Ken loves me in spite of my whiteness and I haven’t been stung since.

Birthday memories

Yesterday was my birthday… I drove all the way to Virginia to spend it with my mom and sis (and got to pit-stop by the g’parents). While I was driving down the interstate, I had plenty of time to contemplate the birthdays I’ve had in the past:

5th birthday: Got a playhouse – it was blue, had a glass window that opened and closed, and even had a front porch

8th birthday: Got a daybed – it was white and my bedspread had hearts on it.

13th birthday: Got contacts – THANK YOU JESUS!

16th birthday: Got a car – wanted a Corvette (been asking for one since I was 7), got a sea foam green 1995 Ford Contour – named her Gracie.

18th birthday: Senior prom – got emotionally assaulted by my prom date (and almost sexually assaulted – stilettos are a great weapon), then he gave me lotion from Bath & Body as a birthday present

23rd birthday: Spent the day in a friend’s wedding

25th birthday: Spent the day working at a hospital, sleeping in a hotel room, and lying to my family about where I was

26th birthday: Spent the day working at a hospital in Savannah and got super awesome flowers from my husband – my sister was in Africa

Yesterday: My sis baked me a homemade chocolate cake and we had dinner at Carrabba’s!  And we’ve got a weekend planned with shopping and strawberry picking!  HALLELU-YER (that’s one anointed birthday!)

Birthday’s aren’t always perfect – but during the miserable ones, God reminds me that I was born for a purpose – and that people are human and not perfect, but so am I, but He’s not.  He is perfect and His grace and mercy makes up for the mistakes made by all parties involved.

So, bring it on Year 27, God’s got an awesome plan for you!

(And for the record, God lives outside of time…thoughts on that another day).

Birthday Surprises

So, it’s my birthday and I thought I’d tell everyone what some of my favorite birthday presents were.

When I turned 16, my dad was a baseball coach and his team was headed to Indiana for the national tournament, which means he would be gone on my actual birthday. So, I was at home, he and mom ran out to do some errands and when they got back, dad says “I want to give you your birthday present but it’s outside in the back of the van.” So, taking him literally, I’m looking in the back of the van, no noticing the sea foam green car sitting in the drive way! Yep, I got a 1995 Ford Contour for my 16th birthday. I named it Gracie!

When I turned 21, I was staying in Virginia with my parents, while I made plans for my pharmacy future. I was dating Ken long distance and talked to him on the phone and online most days. One day, after my real birthday, I was hunting some accessories to decorate a shelf in my room and my mom was helping me. Suddenly, my dad yells upstairs, “Cynthia, I think someone’s outside for you!” I was actually in the attic so I come down one flight of stairs and who should meet me at the top of the next set of stairs – KEN!! He drove 500 miles from Lavonia, Georgia to Chesapeake, Virginia to see me for my birthday. A total surprise!

So, in honor of my birthday, please share your own favorite birthday memories with me!

(And in case you’re wondering – I’m 26 today!)

It’s Ken’s Birthday

In honor if Ken’s birthday (and since I’m not able to be home), I am going to share with everyone all the things I love about my husband… (I stole this idea from Holly Furtick)

… the way he hollers when I put my cold hands or feet on him.

…the way he tickles me mercilessly until I leap off of the piece of furniture I was happily sitting on!

…the way he enjoys picking out clothes for me (yes, he even enjoys shopping with me for a little while)

…the way he enjoys cooking in the kitchen with me (and sometimes experimenting with spices we don’t even know how to pronounce).

…the way he loves watching the Discovery channel.

…the way he blurts out the last thought of a conversation he had been having with himself in his head (this usually confuses me greatly).

…the way he apologizes for the house not being clean when I get home.

…the way he doesn’t mind my legs being hairy.

…the way he is a groggy zombie until he has his shower in the mornings.

…the way he calls me a different pet name almost every time he calls me.

…the way he has told me “goodnight” the exact same way ever since we first started dating…he says “sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs steal any of my kisses”.

…the way he blows me a kiss on the phone before he hangs up.

…the way he gets creative when I start getting cabin fever from being cooped up in the house.

…the way he laughs when we end up thinking or saying the same exact thing.

…the way he makes me laugh (laughing burns calories, and I love to laugh).

…the way he is so dedicated to the GBF vision.

…the way he cares so much about the people on his teams (more than they think they do).

…the way he blushes when I write sweet stuff about him (like this).

…the way he wallows in his recliner and ends up halfway on mine.

…the way he loves planning surprises for me but hates keeping it a secret for too long.

…the way he goes ga-ga over my new hair cut.

…the way he reiterates his dedication to my dream and to our marriage exactly when I need it.

…the way he writes me mushy poems in my email that make me blush when I’m at work.

So, happy birthday baby!  I think I’m finally getting better at the “birthday surprise” thing (or at least I think I am)!  I love you… and now the whole world knows!