Inspired by Martha Stewart

Ok, now we’re back to Pinterest crafts – and just in time for the holidays.

This project comes to you from Martha Stewart.

I was so proud of how mine turned out… and I even think I one-uped Martha because of the variety of colors and combos I made.

I actually made 9 of them!

(I could only fit 5 of them on the stool).

I think part of what made me so happy about how these turned out is because I had seen some reviews by other people who had intended to make this craft and got upset about the cost of the materials.

So, for all the nay-sayers:  don’t buy buttons from fabric stores for this project!  I got a several packs of multi-sized buttons of different color schemes from Wal-Mart between $1-$5 (depending on how many buttons were in the packs).  The ribbon is from Dollar General.  Not an expensive project to get 9 unique button-wreath ornaments.  Can you say inexpensive Christmas presents?

And for the record: I am not a perfect bow-tier.  I am, however, a decent, bow constructor/gluer.  Yes, that means I folded and glued ribbon to make it look like a tied bow!


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