Sea Shell Shadow Box

**This is not a Pinterest inspired project, but it is totally Pinterest worthy!

In October, Ken and I went to Folly Beach (records and pictures of our adventures are recorded on this blog).

We collected a basket full of shell – literally!

I had been inspired by a previous shell collection that Ken had from when he was a kid – it was just old and discolored and the shells probably would have ruined if I tried to remove them.  But I had bought the supplies I needed to complete such a project, I was just hesitant about actually starting it (aka removing old shells from old paper).

So, after our trip, my inspiration for this project was renewed.  And here’s the outcome…

Supplies needed:

– 12×12 Shadow box (minus the glass if you are going to use thicker shells like I did)

– 1 sheet of complementary scrapbook paper

– hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

– Sea shells from down by the sea shore! (I just picked my favorites – trying to get a variety of color combinations and the least cracked ones possible.)

1. Glue the scrapbook paper to the backing of the shadow box.

2. Arrange them on the paper (while it is in the frame because the edges of the paper will be behind the frame and you have to fit them all within the margins).

3. Remove the frame and glue down the shells.

4. Replace the frame and lock the backing back into place.

5.  Hang on the wall!

I don’t know what anyone else’s childhood was like but I remember loving collecting shells, and always sad that a lot of them were broken.  So, if you (or your kids) enjoy shelling at the beach but don’t know what to do with the good ones when you get home, make a shadow box!  It’s a great way to remember a terrific beach vacation with your family.