WARNING: I’m doing crafts!

I’ve discovered Pinterest!!  OH MY COW!!  Talk about the bestest best waste of time you could ever imagine!

I had been wishing for a while to find a way to organize websites that I liked but I didn’t intend to use right away, and without cluttering up my browser bookmarks (which are used mainly for my professional references).

Thus I was introduced to Pinterest!  It was my dream come true!

The only thing that would be better is that if I pin an item of clothing or outfit, it would appear in my closet (or at least arrive by parcel to my front porch) within a day or so.  But of course, I would probably have to pay for it and that would cost me a lot of money, so…. maybe it’s a good idea that that doesn’t happen.

So, with that, I would love to share some of the crafts that I’ve accomplished, all thanks to Pinterest!

Disclaimer:  I do not claim to be the original mastermind behind any of these things, I straight up copied other people’s ideas (but did not infringe on any copyright or patent privileges).

Feel free to follow me and any or all of my boards.  And get ready for some crafts!