Swimming upstream

Recently I wrote a blog about the detriments of electronics.  You can read it here.  I am still of the persuasion that most electronics are consuming tools (at least 90% of the time they are in use).  But after going through the list of electronics I own, there is one that I view as a producing tool – my camera.

My camera is something that produces something as I use it.  And that something is not just something generic, it produces a part of me with each snap.  Sometimes it produces things I like.  Sometimes it produces things I think are crap.   But that’s what I find when in spend time with myself – some things I like, some things I think suck.  And with a camera, the self-evaluation is a little more palatable.  And this type of producing isn’t about “proving” anything to anyone (thus I don’t have a photography blog or a Flickr page), because isn’t not about showing off my “work”.  It’s about me evaluating my product and my motives and my skill in my work.  And learning something about me in the process – whether that something relates to photography or not.

I’m not saying all consumption is bad (cuz you gotta eat).  And I’m not saying all electronics are evil.  And I’m certainly not saying that a camera is the only way to produce a better you.  There are plenty of mediums by which you can do that.  I’m just saying let’s start swimming upstream and start producing in this over-consuming world.