A Tragic Success

In 2 and 1/2 weeks, my parents are coming to visit.  We’re gonna hang out, swim, go to a Braves game…they guys will golf, the girls will shop.  It’s going to be fun.

But for them to be able to sleep at my house, we had to get the guest room prepared to be slept in.

A weekend project was born….

Saturday:  Organized the closet so they can use it.  Decided on wall arrangements and made a shopping list.  Went shopping.  Success!

Sunday:  Take new stuff upstairs.  Hang things on the wall….

This is where it all went wrong.

I have officially been told by my eye doctor that due to my extreme astigmatism, straight lines do not always look like straight lines, and crooked lines can look straight.

We also do not have a level.

So…. do not show up with your level and your measuring tape and your magnifying glass and scrutinize our wall hangings!  But that’s not even close to defining the tragedy we experienced.

Part of what we purchased were these ledge shelves that we were going to mount over the bed to hold some antique-chic, Chinese/Japanese china.  The mounts appear to be simple but we paid $12 for these shelves not $50 so we can’t guarantee their quality…but they’re not holding encyclopedias, they’re going to hold small vases.  But from one shelf to the next, the sturdiness varied.  So did the ease of hanging (even though they are the same brand and look identical).  They varied so much that walls got scuffed, brackets got banged with a hammer, expletives flew.

Then we finally got through the other wall arrangements, and everything looks wonderful.  So we decided to put the new comforter set on the bed.  Simple right?

Ken holds the mattress up, I add the bed skirt.  Lay the mattress down.  Straighten the skirt and make it all even.  Knock the most difficult shelf off the wall.  Spill the tea into the bedspread bag…

Total tragedy!

Thank you God that the label says “machine washable”.

The room is 80% complete… just gotta make sure the shelves are sturdy enough to hold my vases, print the pictures to go in the frames, make an orchid flower arrangement, hang the dragonflies, magically erase the wall scuffs, and launder the tea-stained linens.

I think my next few weekend projects will not include interior decorating!  But I am very thankful for a husband that will take the time to help me brainstorm ideas for decorations, take me shopping for the things we brainstormed, and spend a Sunday afternoon helping me make the ideas a reality (even though it created a significant level of stress on multiple occasions).

I will post pics of the room once it is complete because I’m super excited about how it has turned out!


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  1. Donna Walker says:

    Looking forward to seeing the pics. We are having overnight company this week and it has made us get some things done that needed doing. Seeing our home through the eyes of a guest inspires us.

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