#sexyback11 – Week 5 – really, already?

I have no idea where this week has gone!  It feels like it’s been 3!  And since I can’t remember a whole lot about this week, this check-in won’t take very long…

Did not get a single bit of structured exercise in, but I did clean house.

Ate some good things, and then some not so good things.

Got called on Tuesday to have to work 2 shifts at a store that was 3 hours away.  Had to stay in a hotel.  Ate PB&J that I packed for myself.

Went shopping with my hubby to get the things we needed to finish off the guest room since my parents will be coming to stay in a couple of weeks.

Oh yeah, bought some Braves tickets to see them play the Cubs.

Good news:  I did not gain a single pound.

Bad news:  I did not lose a single pound.

On to week 6 – let’s hope I’m a little more conscious of it this time.