#Sexyback11 check-in Week 4

The wedding is over and we had to go back to life.

After all the hard work during wedding week, when I weighed in at home, I only gained one pound, so without a whole lot of effort, that LB was eliminated (despite all the cheating I did)!

My main cheat this week was Cokes – of the cherry variety. I learned that just because my employer considers the days I took off work for wedding week “vacation”, there was no rest involved. So to go back to work and expected to be 100%, my energy level needed help. Enter caffeine! And caffeine’s assistant, Rolo’s. I also cheated with fast food (that’s what happens when I don’t get to go grocery shopping as soon as I get back, and it may bee another week before I get a chance to consciously plan my grocery list). Been eating a lot of PB&J *sigh*

And with all the exhaustion, exercise has been out of the question.

So, I guess I would call week 4 an epic fail.

On to week 5!

1. Drink water
2. No fast food
3. Exercise: minimum of 10 minutes a day
4. Get rid of the Rolo’s
5. Go to bed at a decent hour (11 pm at the latest)