Wedding Week – Saturday – Wedding Day!

When it’s an evening wedding, we all get to sleep in. Christa went for her hair appointment while the rest of us got ready at the house. We piled in the cars and drove to the church where lunch was provided and we all zipped into our dresses…and yes, my dress fit wonderfully!

We piled back in the cars and went down the street to the city arboretum for an “on location” photo shoot. It was so much fun! The photographer was very laid back and so cute when she would get excited about a good shot. We did some straight poses but we also did some fun poses too. And thank goodness we were in the shade and there was a breeze.

Then we piled back in the cars and travelled back to the church to freshen up and prepare for the big event. Everyone and everything was so beautiful. The ceremony was awesome. We were all holding it together until Alex choked up during his vows and had to whisper the last line…that’s when we all lost it – me, the whole line of bridesmaids the moms and even Christa. Thank you Waterproof mascara!

We had some excitement as the wedding party since we were told we didn’t have permission to decorate the getaway car. They borrowed a Lexus convertible from a friend and made a promise that no one would touch it. So we conspired with the non-wedding party friends to sneak over to Alex’s house and decorate his Aztec since that’s what they would be driving to the hotel and th en to the airport.

Te reception was a terrific party with great food and lots of dancing, mom did the Cupid Shuffle with us, and dad did the twist. I even got to slow dance with Ken. My favorite part was e banana pudding! Thank you Ken for suggesting it to me, who suggested it to mom, who suggested it to Christa, who decided it was a good addition to the dessert menu.

Sparkers lined the row that led the to the getaway car and off they went. The rest of us were left to clean up. With all the volunteers we had to help, things got back to normal really quick. Then afterwards we went out for pizza with some friends that we don’t get to see very often, and I told Ken it a nice to socialize with people without an agenda. All the hanging out we had done this week happened around a task. We were finally able to just relax.

Got back home and went to bed about 1 AM…and the perfect day was over! And by the end, there was no doubt who’s wedding it was – it had Christa and Alex written all over it!