Wedding Week – Friday – Rehearsal

This morning, Christa and I went to get our nails done… can I just say I LOVE having my nails done!  They make me feel girly and I like it.

We finished up the minor decorating details and went back home to swim and sun.  I fell asleep out by the pool.  Christa had to yell my name like 7 times to wake me up to tell me my face was getting red.  Wow, I must be tired!

We all showers and got fancied up for rehearsal.  I wore the dress Christa picked out for me.  Then her friend Audrey did my hair and make-up.  Sometimes I feel a little retarded because I’m 28 years old and totally incompetent at doing my own hair and make-up in any way that is stylish.  But it is what it is… and at least they’ll be around to help me out tomorrow.

Rehearsal went smoothly, Noah didn’t want to touch Allison when they exit at the end, so who knows how all that will actually go.

Dinner was at Passions, it’s a local restaurant that buys all it’s foods locally.  We ate TONS of food.  But it was all so good… even the molten chocolate lava cake!  Got to sit and chat with Missy and Josh (Alex’s brother and sister-in-law) and their kids.  It was a hoot!  Ben, their youngest son, is the fastest, sneakiest, go-go-gadget-armiest 18 month old I’ve ever seen.  He got into everything, but no major disasters.

Christa gave out her gifts her friends.  I got a beautiful pearl necklace with earrings to wear with my dress tomorrow!

The boys went to play Reball for Alex’s bachelor party, so they’ll be in late.  Just hope no one shows up at the wedding with a black eye.