Wedding Week – Thursday – Sexyback Edition

I was up early yesterday to go with Christa to the airport to pick up the first of her friends arriving from out of town.

Then we finished up some of the small details at the church.  Ken went and picked up the 3 girls who were arriving close together.  Christa made him a sign with their names on them so they could find each other.  He found them – all at the same time – and they were squealing.

We all came home to get ready for the Bachelorette Party!  Here’s some pictures…


Sexyback Challenge Update

I have not weighed in this week because it always seems I weight 5 lbs more in Va on my mom’s scale than I do in Ga on my own scale.  But I have been following mom’s eating plan.  We both deviated some, but hopefully we did more good than harm.  Tuesday night we went to Red Lobster and I did eat 1 cheese biscuit, but I had broccoli and asparagus to try to counter act it.  Wednesday night I broke down and shared a Ice cream strawberry shortcake with Ken at TGIFriday so I wouldn’t have a breakdown.  And then Thursday night I had a sliver of mint chocolate chip ice cream cake at the party.  That’s the bad stuff…. the good stuff is that we had sandwiches on double fiber bread for lunch (and even some for breakfast) this week.  And all of my exercise has been the work we’ve done on the wedding, so I’m hoping the hard labor kept things burned off.

But…the dress will zip and I can breathe, so on Saturday, we well call that a success!