Wedding Week – Wednesday

Well, if I thought I worked hard yesterday, today was “hard work” times 25!

The big experiment for today was the backdrop for the ceremony. The stage is like 30 feet wide and to spread your wedding party out that far is a little ridiculous. So, Christa and mom brainstormed this backdrop to make a frame for the ceremony. First we had to make sure it was going to stand, then we had to decide what all was going to go on it. It was way easier and sturdier than we thought – SUCCESS!

We also got the aisle decorations up and the guestbook table decorated. Got the dance floor down and the lobby of the reception partly decorated.

Then to our surprise, the table linens arrived. So I learned how to dress a chair and tie s bow. You would think that a bow is a bow, but it’s not. And I got pretty good at tying bows, so much that I might start tying the sheets in my sleep (Ken better be careful)!

Had some more “who’s wedding is it anyway” moments.

I have to give mad props to my husband… 1) for knowing my breaking point and taking me to dinner and getting me ice cream 2) for keeping his mouth shut when he is told that his help isn’t good enough because he’s a man (and keeping me cool cuz them’s fightin’ words). 3) for staying way longer and helping with more tasks than what I originally promised 4) for recognizing how much I’ve grown in certain areas since we did all this for our own wedding

But a bonus from today: Dad, Ken, and I got our hair cut!  My bangs were out of control, and something had to be done our I might’ve missed the wedding!

I usually don’t work more than 12-hour shifts at my job, and just as a heads up, there’s a certain brain-deadness that comes over me when that 12th hour approaches. I had reached that point today at 4 pm – to me that proves I worked hard.