Wedding Week – Tuesday

Today was the first day of hard labor…though it didn’t start off that way.

We first went and got our eyebrows waxed. Then we went and got pedicures. Then we had lunch. Then all the work started.

We took 3 car-loads of decorations to the church. Unloaded and sorted everything. The guys set up tables for the reception, while me and sis cleaned the lobby. And amazingly, it didn’t take as long as anyone projected. Efficient workers? Probably. Expert packers? Thanks to the years of moving out of dorms and apartments and learning from the packing queen, my MIL, yeah buddy!

We had some “who’s wedding is it anyway?” moments, but we survived.

After the hard labor, Alex, Christa, Ken, and I went shopping at the mall and out to eat. I got me a dress to wear for rehearsal and Christa some things to complete her wardrobe for the honeymoon. The boys went to the book store.

And I think Ken was lonely because he’s now joined the “red” club. The back of his legs got sun burnt today playing golf. We love aloe and aleve!