Wedding Week – Monday, July 4th

Happy 4th of July y’all!

Got to enjoy a great afternoon at the pool with my mom.  Just floating along, wherever the wind may blow us.  But just a warning – no matter how waterproof your sunscreen may be, it is no match for the Pool Float.  My float rubbed off the sunscreen I put on my stomach, so now i have a lobster belly.  I guess I’m just really wiggly on a pool float. (Glad my stomach doesn’t show in my bridesmaid dress).

My dad and Ken went and played a little golf (golf courses are crowded on holidays).

Then the 4 of us took out my cousins, Katlyn and Allison to see Cars 2 at the Cinema Cafe.  It was awesome – until we had to leave the theater in a huge downpour.

And since it’s the 4th, here’s some photos from the family holiday festivities I’ve participated in over the weekend.

The Roberts Party

The Jones Family