Wedding Week – Sunday

Today is the first day of what I am calling Wedding Week!
My sister is getting married Saturday, July 9, and the forces are gathering to celebrate (and work hard to make her dream come true).
As I type this, I’m tethering wifi from Ken’s iPhone to my iPad as we drive down I-85. And the holiday weekend has shown up in fine style – exit 71 in NC and we’ve seen 8 State Patrol cars!
The car is packed with (hopefully) everything we need for he weekly festivities. Dresses and shoes and yoga pants and golf clubs and jewelry and cameras and every hair-styling tool I own – certainly I don’t need anything else!
When we arrive, we will be walking into the July 4th party my mom has planned – and it’s going to be an awesome start to a week full of fun and family. (I will add to this post as the more exciting events start happening)
By the end of our ride, we counted 21 State Troopers on the road.
Arrived, unpacked, hugged folks, then made broccoli slaw.
My dad’s parents came, and his two brothers, and the kids. Alex’s parents came as well. We had a total of 16 people in the pool at mom’s (video and photos to follow later this week). This was the big party mom planned, and other than the grill running out of gas in the middle of cooking hamburgers, all went well. Then Ken and Alex shot off the fireworks we brought and even got a standing-O from the neighbors!
It’s been a good day, now to sleep to prepare for tomorrow’s activities!