Raleigh Swimming

Been working with Raleigh in the pool, teaching him to swim.  Started off by putting a leash on him and “guiding ” him into and around the water.  Each time he gets more confident, and I’ve been so proud. So on Monday, I decided to see if he would fetch in the water.  I found a tennis ball (his only toy that floats) and threw it in.  Immediately he took off the steps after the ball.  It took him a few tries to get the ball in his mouth to bring back, but he got the hang of it. Here’s a video I got of him fetching and swimming.  (And yes, I keep the leash on him in case he gets spooked and tries to run away, but that should be coming off soon.  The funniest thing about him swimming is the fact that he won’t jump in.  If I throw the ball in, he will round around the edge to get to the steps to get in the water.


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  2. […] I have been working with my dog to learn to swim (what spaniel doesn’t love the water – mine!), so I’ve been in the pool a lot (working on my tan too).  You can see our swimming progress here. […]

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