Father’s Day Memories

In honor of Father’s Day, i thought I’d share some fun memories I shared with my dad.

I was about 4 years old, dad was doing yard work and I was playing nearby.  On the far side of our driveway, there was a holly bush.  While I was playing,I found a holly leaf that I thoughts was just perfect! It wasn’t torn. It didn’t have any bug holes in it. And it had it’s stem attached.  I decided that I would give it to dad as a present.  But he was busy, so decided to put it in his back pocket so he could get it later.  Not much later, he starts yelling and spinning in circles, and finds my holly leaf in his pocket. I go running in the house crying “I was just trying to give daddy a present.”
Dad was the one who taught me about communion.  It was on a Sunday morning after church and we sat on the front row the first time I took communion (dad was also working on teaching me not to run in the sanctuary)!
When I would stay with dad to lock up the church after Sunday nights, he would hold me in his lap and let me “drive” home.  So glad I got more driving lessons before I had to really do it.  I told him one time “it’s not my fault the car doesn’t go straight even though I holding the steering wheel straight.”
I remember wanting to play little league baseball, but I didn’t want to be the only girl on a boy team (don’t think there was such a thing as girls’ little league softball back then).  I remember playing little league basketball and dad coaching my team (I wasn’t very good at that either).  I wanted to play tennis, didn’t make the team.  I later wanted to play soccer, but that wasn’t an American sport so, that didn’t work out either.  But even though my athletic abilities might have failed me, the sports knowledge I gained gets me responses like “you’re a girl, and you know that?!” to which I respond “my dad taught me.”
Dad drove half-way around Georgia for me to visit colleges.  And then drove 500 miles to help me find a good apartment when I started pharmacy school.
And at my wedding, he didn’t have to pull double-duty as pastor or coach, he just got to be dad.