Pawleys Island Eats

Vacation is the perfect time to try out some of the local eateries of your destination. If you are anything like us, we bring our share of groceries to feed ourselves in the room, but we also love to go out and try some of the recommended yet little-known places.

Friday, June 3: Hanser House
It’s an adorable little farmhouse of a restaurant with a load of detail in the decorations that will kept us looking around and brainstorming the whole time we were there. They serve local seafood 3 ways: fried, grilled, or broiled. They have food for the land lovers too (but who goes to the beach to eat steak or chicken?!). Their hushpuppies are small little morsels of sweetness. I had grilled flounder – 3 beautiful fillets of flounder and green beans and a side salad. Marie had grilled trigger fish which has a light taste but meatier than your typical “flakey” fish. The only downside to our visit was the family with 4 children and no capacity to parent. They were screaming and running around the table and clanging forks on the table legs. But who you sit near is a toss-up, so if you can overcome that, you’re in for a great dinner.

Saturday, June 4: Drunken Jack’s
We got a recommendation from a friend about this place and decided to give it a try. Based loosely on stories of pirates, it’s got a nice atmosphere and do a great job of separating the “drunken” parts from the family parts. They are right on the harbor and have local fish – we even got to watch them unload their catch and filet them on the dock (we got to sit by the window). I had broiled shrimp and scallops. While not the biggest I’ve ever had, they were probably the tastiest I’ve ever had. Ken had a swordfish steak that was beautiful and very tender. They also have a salad bar that comes with every meal that’s a nice cool addition to your meal.

Sunday, June 5: Seafood World, Myrtle Beach
As a heads up, most local eateries are closed on Sundays. We got a recommendation for a great place – not open. Looked up some places online – not open. I thought we might end up eating Arby’s, Ken was going to hunt down a Carrabba’s. We decided to drive up to Myrtle Beach and see what “wachesaw”. Seafood World is a seafood buffet ~$25/person. The main attraction on the buffet was the snow crab legs. I got to teach Marie how to crack and eat crab legs and she liked them, and got the hang of the crackers really quickly. Not much super exciting at a buffet, but it was decent and a fun family experience.

Monday, June 6: Dead Dog Saloon
I know, doesn’t sound like a reputable place to go, but they had a covered patio overlooking the inlet and a reputation of some of the best ribs around. Later in the evening they were going to have life music, so we missed all that rowdiness. But Ken and his dad both got ribs and said they were delicious. I had a trio of grilled shrimp, scallops (delicious, 2nd only to the ones I had earlier in the week), and a crab cake, with enough Mac & Cheese to feed 4 people. The only downside I experienced was the guy next to us on the patio was smoking, but once he started eating, he stopped and we ate faster than him (fortunately).

Tuesday, June 7: Baskin Robbins
So, you can’t go to the beach and not have an ice cream outing. After all the day’s events, we drove miles and miles to find Baskin Robbins (or any open ice cream place). I got a single scoop of Jamoca Almond Fudge – YUMMY! That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Wednesday, June 8: Sonic
Another late night ice cream run, and the last night of vacation. I got a Dr. Pepper float and it reminded me of when my mom would make ice cream floats at home. I know we made them with Coke, can’t remember if we ever made them with Dr. Pepper or not, but the memory is what counts.