First night of vacation

Who knew our first night on vacation would be so full of excitement!

We don’t have a ceiling fan in our room, so we thought we’d open the windows to let in the ocean breeze. Well, the road noise was too loud so we had to shut them. Problem was that one side would crank open, but it wouldn’t crank closed. So we had to remove the screen and close the window by hand. After we got the window closed, we had to get the screen back up. Now the new problem is that the blinds are stuck at half way and won’t go up or down. We cram the screen under the blinds and then behind the window crank, and put the screen back up (which was a 6 hand job that we did with only 4). By the is time we discovered that e blinds cord was tangled and one that was fixed, the windows were officially and totally closed. All in all, this was a very noisy adventure at 11:30 pm.

So instead we decided to turn the A/C down a bit. It wasn’t until after a while that we realized that the A/C unit as right outside the infamous window and it makes the room vibrate. These vibrations cause one of the picture frames to slide against the wall, making an eerie creaking noise.

So, now I’m in the process of downloading a “sounds of nature” app to try and drowned out the noise.

And like I said – this is just the FIRST night of vacation!