My Hubby’s birthday

So, yesterday was Ken’s birthday… and I had to work. But I spent most of the day thinking about him, and during that time I was reminded of some secret (and silly) reasons I married him. I think I’ve probably only told Ken and my mom these things, so now the world knows…

1. I wanted an older man. Ken is 1 month and 6 days older than me, so technically he’s older and it counts.

2. I didn’t want to marry anyone who had a last name that started with a “C” or a “J”. I had been CJJ during my single life and I didn’t want to be CJC or CJJ for all of my married life. So, now I’m CJH, and perfectly happy!

3. A bonus: I went from “Jones” to “Hendrix” so if I’m ever alphabetized, I’m closer to the front of the line!

4. I’m still shorter than him in my highest high heels (as long as he doesn’t slouch)!

5. He likes to pick out clothes for me (this didn’t start out as a positive). Even though we still struggle with getting the right sizes online, that’s just the weakness of shopping online when you can’t try on clothes. And it’s not his fault the company makes their clothes for people who have their ribs sitting on their hips and no torso in between!

And I have to say, I’m quite proud of the present I got him. Though I think I should only get 1/3 of the credit – I picked it out and paid for it. Carlos Whittaker gets 1/3 for his product recommendation on his blog – Ragamuffin Soul, and ColsenKeane gets the other 1/3 for making such great products and having great integrity as a company (when they messed up, they admitted it, and let me reap the benefit of their mistake). You’ll have to ask him to show it off for you! (And yes, I think my present is better than the Tiger Woods ’12 Masters Golf for Wii that my dad sent him, but I’m partial like that!)