Pretend Long Hair

So, here’s the thought that came to me after my “thoughts” post…

Most moms, when they have a baby girl, dream of bows and curls.  Well, I was not the one who fulfilled that dream for my mom.  When I was 1 year old, I barely had any hair on my head.  My mom had to dress me in pink and frills so people would know I was a girl baby.  And as I grew, my hair did not.  I usually tell people that I looked a little like Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird.

So, I had this game I would play when it was bath time.  I would usually sleep in old T-shirts that my parents had from college or youth camps.  I would put the shirt on then pull it off where it turned inside out and leave the neck right around my forehead so the inside out shirt was hanging down my back – JUST LIKE LONG HAIR! And I would pretend brush my long hair, and twist my long hair, and flip my long hair.  Yes, my long hair was typically green or red or blue, but it was still long hair.

Even as I got older and took care of “bath time” on my own.  When I would get done, I’d wrap my wet hair up in a towel and that became my long hair (even with the “beehive” on top).

Not sure where my obsession with long hair came from, but it’s something that hasn’t exactly gone away.

The catalog I browsed through the other night brought it back up.  How did a catalog do that?  I noticed that not a single model in the entire catalog had hair shorter than their elbows.  Is there a purposeful, subliminal message there?  Well, advertisers aren’t stupid.  That realization made me not want to like any of their clothes.  I’ve been of the opinion for a long time that there’s something in society that projects the message that “long hair is sexier”.  Models far and wide – magazines, commercials, billboards, G-rated, X-rated, famous, aspiring, clothing, jewelry, perfume, soap, cars, everything in between – you will most likely picture a long-haired model before a short-haired model.  It’s not 100% true, but it’s an overwhelming majority.

I have nothing against long hair.  I’m actually trying to grow my hair out a bit for my sister’s wedding (so I’ll have some hairstyle options), and it’s almost the longest it’s ever been.  (I have had longer hair but it was very unhealthy and horrible looking).  So, maybe I’m reaching the threshold of my breakthrough regarding long hair.  I don’t think I gained the opinion above when I was five running around with an over-sized T-shirt on my head, but I was probably that young when the subliminal messages bombarded my mold-able psyche.

It’s healthy (though, not always comfortable) to empty your brain of “clutter” to see what you’re really wrestling with.