French Toast without the “French”

Saturdays, Summer days, and even some weeknights are some of the best times for family to get together to make and eat breakfast.

I remember when my mom would make pancakes and I would ask her to make all kinds of shapes out of the batter (Mickey Mouse was always the most successful).  Sometimes, she would make what we called “silver dollar” pancakes that were about 2.5 inches in diameter.  That made me feel like I was eating more.

When my grandmama would make pancakes, she would let the batter drip-drip-drip across the pan to make me “barbie-sized” pancakes that were small enough to float in the syrup on my plate.

Cheese toast was another one of my favorites.  Put one slice of cheese on one slice of white bread and put it in the toaster oven (not a pop-up toaster).  I would watch it and once the cheese started to puff up and bubble off the bread, I knew it was ready.

Whenever I would go stay with my grandparents, Grandmama would make French toast.  And I would always ask for my French toast to be made “without the French”.  As I got older, I would eat French toast with the “French”.  It wasn’t until I started cooking French toast for myself that I realized how silly French toast without the French was.  To breakdown French toast:  bread soaked in egg and fried in a pan.  French = egg, toast = bread.  So, I was basically eating bread toasted in a buttered pan – covered in syrup, of course!  (And don’t let the French toast sticks on the breakfast bar at Shoney’s or in the freezer section fool you.  They should be ashamed to call themselves French toast!)

Like most kids my age, we grew up on Pop Tarts and Eggo’s and Lucky Charms, but it’s the family-cooked breakfasts that makes the memories.

Did your family do anything special for breakfast?  Invent their own food or cooking style?  I’d love to hear your favorite breakfast memories!


2 comments on “French Toast without the “French”

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  2. Madison says:

    My mom made silver dollar pancakes, too! My Memaw’s cheese toast was one of my favorite things growing up.

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