Official NCAA Tourney Bracket

Ken convinced me to fill out a bracket this year – it didn’t take much arm-twisting.

Last night, I sat at Sonny’s BBQ and filled out my bracket based solely on my gut reaction.  When I got home, I got signed up on and read through the match-up stats to see if I wanted to change anything.

That’s when the drama started…

Per the stats, some of my match-ups should have been reversed.  But this is March Madness people – what do stats have to do with anything??

As I looked through my selections, the stats (and sports news) were telling me to put Duke in… but I just can’t!  If I did, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night!

Why, you ask?

It’s in my genes!  Why do you have green eyes?  I dunno, it’s in my genes.  Why do you act like your daddy? I dunno, it’s in my genes.  Why do you like the Redskins?  I dunno, it’s in my genes.  Why do you pull for UNC and hate Duke.  I dunno, it’s in my genes.

My genes will not let me write Duke in, even when all the evidence is screaming that they very well could be repeat champs. (Another reason why it is called March Madness, perhaps?)

So, here is my official (and final bracket)… the one that will let me sleep peacefully at night.


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  1. Robbie Jones says:

    Cynthia….you make your daddy so proud!

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