My Allegra Challenge

Today is my first day of my own personal Allegra challenge.

If you didn’t hear the news, the allergy medication known as Allegra has become Over-The-Counter (as of March 3rd).

See, I have been taking Claritin (well, the generic form of it) for several years now (since before I went to pharmacy school), and I think I’ve become resistant to it.  And Zyrec (even the generic) is too expensive for me to want to buy it.  So, I’m believing that Allegra is going to be my rescuer from springtime allergies (that have so suddenly come upon us – even in the early days of March).

I was fortunate enough to find a $4.00 off coupon at this website: Allegra $4.00 off

So, I took my coupon to Walgreens, picked up the March monthly coupon book (it has a $3.00 off store coupon).  AND… Allegra sent leaflets with $2.00 and $3.00 off manufacturer coupons to display in-store (they didn’t have them out when I went shopping, so not sure if they can all be combined).  Well, and since I work for Walgreens, I get my employee discount (15% off).

You do the math: $19.99 retail price for 30 tabs – [(19.99 x 15%) + ($4.00 + $3.00)] = ????

Yep, I paid less than $10 for my Allegra.  If you use the coupons, your final price will be around $13.

Now, that I have my 30 tablets of Allegra (well, 29 plus the 1 I swallowed this AM), we’ll see how these 30 days  progress.