Fading Evidence of Love

Have you ever experienced the evidence of love fade?

A time when there was such evidence of love that no one could mistaken it for something else.  And suddenly, seemingly without notice, it starts to fade… until it’s gone.

It’s not something that is gone in a blink of an eye.

But it’s like watching a movie scene in slow motion – one thing leads to the next, and when it’s all over, everyone’s looking around saying “what just happened here?”

That’s the way it feels when the strong evidence of love begins to fade.  It happens right before your eyes – one piece after another falls off – until you look around and wonder “What happened here?  Where did it all go?  Was love ever here at all?

Knowing deep down inside – you can see it and sense it in your memories – it was there.  But now there’s no evidence… and the judge isn’t going to rule in favor of love without evidence.

So, am I doomed to let the evidence (or lack there of) convince the world that there was no love, and then try to convince myself of the same?