Humans will be Humans

Throughout my life, I’ve heard preachers talk about Moses and how he dealt with the Israelites.  And somewhere before it’s all over they say something like “even after 1000’s of years, church people haven’t changed.”

Well, it’s true…

…but it’s not just church people.

During the 1000’s of years between the Fall and now, Sin hasn’t changed.

There is something about Sin that causes people to defy authority and instructions – it’s Sin’s nature.

When God promises to provide manna for the people to eat every day, he says to gather only enough for today, because if you try to save it for tomorrow, it will be rotten.  But on the 6th day, you should gather enough for the Sabbath because manna won’t be available on the Sabbath.  Sounds easy right?

Well, there were still people who tried to save up and reaped the consequences of rotten manna.  And there were other people who tried to go gather manna on the Sabbath, and had to go hungry for the day because it wasn’t there.

Yes, the people were complainers and whiners.

When the 12 spies came back from their scouting mission, Joshua and Caleb believed God.  The other 10 spread rumors and instilled fear in the people.  God said go take the land, the people said no.  Then God told Moses that they would have to wander around until all the doubters died out and the next generation would take the land.  The next morning, Moses wakes up and goes outside and sees the people prepared for war and they got their “toe” kicked.

Every time God said “don’t send your daughters to marry their sons and don’t bring in their daughters to marry your sons” – all because He knew they were take on their idolatry and customs – they did it anyway, and fell into the problems that God said they would.

So, in Sin, you’re destined to stay in a cycle 1) get instructions/law 2) say “ok” 3) disobey/break the law 4) pay consequences 5) repent 6) start over.  If they obeyed God, they had the blessing and protection of God.  If they disobeyed God, they were on their own.

It wasn’t until Jesus came and became the sacrifice for all that we were able to break out of the cycle and have a nature that didn’t inherently disobey.

So, without Jesus, humans would just be (and stay) Human.