What fool is driving your car?

In 2002, I was driving home from college in my sea foam green 1995 Ford Contour. I was headed to Athens to meet my dad to get my passport renewed, and it was raining. As I was traveling through Banks County, a lady turned right and pulled out in front of me. Then she immediately slammed on her brakes & flipped on her left turn signal. And here’s what happened in the split second following…
Crazy lady……I’m not going to be able to stop…what to do now…I think I’d prefer to take out that person’s mailbox instead of the lady’s van……why am I not turning…CRASH…crunch…POW…*sigh*
I hit the van, my air bag deployed, crushed my radiator, but everyone was fine. There’s a reason why that car was named Gracie!
In 2003, Ken & I were driving to Virginia after my parents moved up there – 500 miles in 8 hours in my E
2001 tomato red Ford Focus. Somewhere on I-85 in the middle of North Carolina, I told Ken I was going to grab a quick nap and laid my seat back and closed my eyes. It wasn’t more than 5 minutes and I sat straight up in my seat just in time to notice our car was drifting off the left side of the road. The words “uh oh, baby” barely got out of my mouth when Ken jerked the wheel. We swerved back onto the road and I thought we might be safe. Then, suddenly we swerved back onto the shoulder and then down the embankment off the median. Once we hit the guide wires, they “guided” us in a straight line until we stopped. The wires managed to rip of the back bumper, destroy my bike, and leave scrapes down the entire driver’s side of the car, but we were fine.
Now my current car is a midnight blue 2003 Mitsubishi Galant. When I started driving it, my prayer over my car was “God, please protect any fool that drives this car.” And He has.
Texting & driving = foolish
Emailing & driving = foolish
Tweeting & driving = foolish
Sleeping & driving = foolish
Playing angry birds & driving = foolish
Reading & driving = foolish
Speeding = foolish
Driving under the influence of cold meds = foolish
Whether it’s me doing the foolish things listed about or someone else driving my car foolishly, I’m reminded of that one wise prayer – protect the fools.
In 2007, I was driving back to my apartment in Savannah after a study session at school. I was one block from my parking lot when the Waste Management truck made a right turn out in front of me and made a stop for trash. My options: hit the Waste Management worker that just hopped off the trash truck or swerve into the other lane and hope people can get out of the way. I’m not a big fan of vehicular homicide so I chose to swerve – side swiped a girl’s car. All I lost was my driver’s side mirror ($45), and that’s all she lost as well.
Protect the fools!