Who is Abraham to you?

Today is Day 4 of 90 reading all the way through the Bible. I made it to the end of Genesis (will make it on into Exodus before the night is over).
So, with one book down and 65 to go, I thought I’d share what I learned from Genesis…
And this may have been obvious to everyone else but I’m usually the last one to know, so I’m just now finding out – Abraham was rich and strong! The Bible tells me so.
Remember the part where he & Lot parted ways? It says they both had so much that they had to split up because the land could not sustain both their herds together! That’s rich.
And then when Lot was kidnapped during the war of the kings, he gathered 318 of his own men to kill the kidnappers and rescue all that were taken, not just Lot. And he even used battle strategy to do so.
That is so not the Abraham that I remember learning about from the Felt People – that Abraham was an old, decrepit nomad wandering around in his robe & with his staff all his life. And maybe he did some of his life but not his WHOLE life.
So, now Abraham seems like a strong hero instead of an old, gray-bearded man.