What grows in your carpet?

Socks at my house are like mushrooms after lots of rain: they’re not there, then you blink and suddenly they’re everywhere!

I told Ken that tonight – he thought it was funny.  But I’m starting to think it’s true.  When take a dedicated amount of time to gather up laundry.  As I get into the rhythm of changing out the laundry on one of my days off, I walk through the house – and what do you think I see?


Socks scattered on the floor, socks oozing out from under the recliner – in the middle of the floor, against the wall, even on the couch!

I pick them up and then 3 hours later there’s more socks on the carpet!

I think every load of laundry I do has at least one sock in it.

And I have a sock orphanage: a place where orphan socks hang out until their match shows up – on the carpet!

So, what grows in your carpet?