Bruised knees, stolen sunglasses, salt water snot, & sunburns

Woke up Friday morning with stiff arms and ankles and bruised knees from fishing.  Bracing against the side of the boat, reeling in our huge catches, and compensating for the rocky seas – my body needs to recuperate.

Decided to hang out on the beach for the morning.  My process: play in ocean, lay out (with a good book), dry off, flip over, repeat.  So, Ken and I head out to the waves with our boogie boards for some serious action.  But, this morning the ocean was out to get me.  I needed to get past one more layer of waves to get to the perfect spot to be able to “boogie” back to shore.  All of a sudden this huge wave jerks up my boogie board, smacked me in the face with it, stole my sunglasses, and just to make sure he made his point, dumped the boogie board back down on my head and drug me – sore knees first – through the sand.  Once I discovered which way was up, I managed to find Ken.  I choked out “help me” and he got me to shallow water.  Talk about being to’ up from da flo’ up!  I stood on the shore and coughed until I almost threw up for about 10 minutes – still couldn’t find enough air to talk when Ken came to check on me.  I was ready to throw in the towel, but my daddy taught me better than that.  So, me and my boogie board headed back for the waves and I got 3 good rides in before it was time to move on to step two.

Laid out a while then flipped over.  As I was laying on the towel, really engaged in this great book (Communicating for a Change), I tilted my head to stretch my neck.  Suddenly, I have this sensation that my brains are running out of my head. It started up between my eyes and ran down the side of my nose, across my cheek, then OUT of my nostril and all over my wonderful book!  This happened to me about 4 times.  I was wondering if the ocean had an evil plot to, not only steal my sunglasses, but dissolve my frontal lobe.

Once I completed one round of my process, we came in, got ready and went shopping (I needed new sunglasses).  We went to Target.  As I was trying on swim suits, I noticed these funny shaped red marks – on my foot, on both my knees, on one of my thighs, and then up around my neck.  They were splotches of sunburn.  And I call them splotches because that’s exactly what they were – splotchy sunburn.  When I came out of the dressing room, Ken showed me his splotchy sunburn on his belly (which is even funnier because his surgical sites are WHITE!)  We’re in a competition for the “Splotchiest Sunburn”.  I’m blaming it on the spray sunscreen, Ken blames it on the boogie board.

It’s been a good day: me and the ocean made up, my sinuses will be clear for the next month, got some new, super-awesome sunglasses, and me and Aloe are getting to be good friends.  This is vacation baby!