Vacation Day 1 – Top 10

Been on vacation for 24 hours and I’ve had some fun times and interesting observations.

1. 3 GPS’s + 1 set of Google Maps directions = navigation competition

2. Chic-fil-A has the best breakfast EVER!

3.  Leaving at 5 AM gets you to Spaghetti Junction by 6:30 AM and traffic is awesome.

4. There is no reason why anyone should go long enough between meals to end up with a hunger headache.  THIS IS VACATION!  It’s all about eating good food – and lots of it.

5.  Early check-in is much appreciated (but not #4 should not be sacrificed).

6. It’s a FELONY to drop (or spit) anything off the balconies down here.

7.  I’m so ready to have my own pool so I don’t have to squeeze in between snobby people to get a poolside chair.

8. Babies are not beach accessories like a cute towel or sun hat or designer shades.  They are also not a ticket that gets you all the space you want.

9.  When booking condos for vacations, triple check that the beds in the condo will accommodate the people vacationing with you.

10. Nighttime walks on the beach with my husband have to be the absolute best part of this trip!

*Warning: This blog post is being interrupted by a rescheduled fishing trip due to inclement weather and the oil leak (Stay tuned for pictures)


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  1. Tammy says:

    Have a great fishing trip. Looking forward to the pics.

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