A time to be born…

At work, my pharmacy manager is pregnant, my store manager is pregnant, and one technician/cashier is pregnant (Don’t drink the water!).  The other single ladies and over 50 ladies look at me and say “You better not come back from vacation pregnant”.  And I respond “Don’t worry I won’t.”

Then others ask “Do you have kids?  When are you going to have kids?”  My answer is usually, “When I’m good and ready.”

Two conversations have struck a cord in me, that really made me consider the nature of God.  One conversation was about forms of birth control, and both conversations involved me saying “God created the person who invented birth control, so I’m going to use wisdom as I use the tools God gave me, and I believe His grace will make up the rest.”.  Then the other person says “If God wants a baby born, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

The other was about this AT&T commercial. The person said to me “Isn’t that crazy? If he hadn’t gotten on the train, their kid wouldn’t have been president.”  I said “No, missing one train isn’t going to ruin 3 people’s destinies.”

God isn’t going to sabotage my birth control when He’s ready for me to have a baby.  He’s a gentleman, so He’s not going to force you into your destiny. You get to choose whether you follow or not – and that includes becoming a parent.  But He’s also not unmerciful that if you “miss the train”, your life is ruined.  He’s a God of mercy and grace and forgiveness.

God lives outside of time.  He created time, therefore it does not rule over Him.  So, yes, God has a plan for me and needed me to be born at a certain time.  And yes, He’s got a plan for my children.  But, God is bigger than time.  If I wait a day or a month or year too long to start having kids, it’s really not “too long” because I’m not big enough to ruin their destiny from God.  Since God is outside of time, the moment a child is born, He can get it all in, and they can still fulfill their purpose.  Works the same with being born again too.  Just because you didn’t get saved as a kid doesn’t mean you’ve missed your destiny.  God is outside of time.

And that’s a great thing to remember: when we “miss the train” and it causes us to spend more time in a certain season of life – God is outside of time; when we postpone decisions or actions due to fear or doubt but finally get moving – God is outside of time.  He is bigger than our mistakes, He is bigger than our failures, He is bigger than the time we feel like we wasted!


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