Birthday memories

Yesterday was my birthday… I drove all the way to Virginia to spend it with my mom and sis (and got to pit-stop by the g’parents). While I was driving down the interstate, I had plenty of time to contemplate the birthdays I’ve had in the past:

5th birthday: Got a playhouse – it was blue, had a glass window that opened and closed, and even had a front porch

8th birthday: Got a daybed – it was white and my bedspread had hearts on it.

13th birthday: Got contacts – THANK YOU JESUS!

16th birthday: Got a car – wanted a Corvette (been asking for one since I was 7), got a sea foam green 1995 Ford Contour – named her Gracie.

18th birthday: Senior prom – got emotionally assaulted by my prom date (and almost sexually assaulted – stilettos are a great weapon), then he gave me lotion from Bath & Body as a birthday present

23rd birthday: Spent the day in a friend’s wedding

25th birthday: Spent the day working at a hospital, sleeping in a hotel room, and lying to my family about where I was

26th birthday: Spent the day working at a hospital in Savannah and got super awesome flowers from my husband – my sister was in Africa

Yesterday: My sis baked me a homemade chocolate cake and we had dinner at Carrabba’s!  And we’ve got a weekend planned with shopping and strawberry picking!  HALLELU-YER (that’s one anointed birthday!)

Birthday’s aren’t always perfect – but during the miserable ones, God reminds me that I was born for a purpose – and that people are human and not perfect, but so am I, but He’s not.  He is perfect and His grace and mercy makes up for the mistakes made by all parties involved.

So, bring it on Year 27, God’s got an awesome plan for you!

(And for the record, God lives outside of time…thoughts on that another day).