My Man

With all of Ken’s health drama lately, I’ve had several opportunities to contemplate how much I love and appreciate my husband.

You see, trips to the ER and the doctor’s office, and now while he’s recovering from surgery, I have spent many hours, day and night, waiting on him and taking care of him.

As a medical professional, I have great knowledge for the job.  As a woman, I have great instinct for the job.  And as a wife, I have a great desire to do the job…

But as I told Ken the other day in the car, I’m glad this is temporary.  Don’t get my wrong, I will be taking care of Ken for the rest of our lives.  But now, I have a new appreciation for what my husband does.

He works… he dreams… he challenges… he plans… he executes… he plays… he contributes… he processes… he strives… he accomplishes… he learns… he grows… he improves… he loves… he’s a man…no, he’s MY man!

Being in the field of healthcare, I encounter many types of people.  One of those types is the “sorry” type. You know the type – they don’t work, don’t make an effort, mooch off of others, make excuses, yet believe they’re entitled to the same things you and I earn. I see them all the time at the pharmacy.  Actually, I don’t think I ever see them, I see the wife and the kids or the girlfriend who work a decent job to fend for the family and pick up and pay for their meds.  And I always feel for these ladies – thinking, “if they could just get rid of that sorry man, they’d probably have a successful life and wouldn’t have to be on WIC and Medicaid”.  And then I think  “I’m so glad I’m not in their shoes.”

Some women are wired or “programmed” to need a man to need her.  So they always attract the needy, sorry type.  I am certainly not wired that way, nor was I raised to think that that way of life is okay or even normal.

So, while Ken is in his needy state during this healing time, I will be there to wait on him hand and foot, until he is fully recovered and able to completely fulfill his roll as MY man.


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  1. haystew says:

    That was precious. I hope your husband is doing well and you’re enjoying your vacation. LOVE your writing.

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