Faith for “the last time”

As I’m typing, Ken is in the OR having his gallbladder removed.  If you follow his blog ( you may have read his last two posts concerning his “emergency”.  If you don’t follow his blog – you should.  To summarize…

His dad (my FIL) had his gallbladder removed back between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Ken and I started P90X in January (if you’ve read my blog for long, you’ve heart A LOT about that).  Sometime in February, Ken started having “attacks” in the middle of the night where he’d wake up with pressure or pain in his upper abdominal area.  Sometimes, it’s be light and he could get it to go away after several minutes.  Other times, it’d be worse and would take an hour or so for it to ease up.  Then about 2 weeks ago, it was so bad, lasting over 2 hrs, that we finally went to the ER (read his posts on how that went).  After the moronic ER physicians non-help, a doctor’s visit, and an ultrasound – the text he sent me said “gallbladder broken, stony, and infected”.  Had a visit with the surgeon, pre-op instructions, and now laproscopic surgery – all in 3 days.  That brings you up to speed to now, but I want to go back to the night that we went to the ER…

I’m a good sleeper and when Ken gets up, he’s good about not waking me up unless I need to be.  So, he had suffered and paced that night for an hour before he woke me up with the words “Pray for me.”  So, coming out of my coma trying to get a grasp on what’s happened the be I can do to start with is just pray in tongues.  I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s hard to get your faith to connect coming out of a deep sleep at 3 am.  And in a time like this, what do you pray for?  Healing… for the pain to stop… for the body to operate as it should… plead the blood… quote “by his stripes”… and at some point I remember telling his gallbladder “this is the last time!”.  (For the record, Holy Ghost is a smart cookie and can let you know what’s wrong so you can call it out by faith – unfortunately, you can’t put that on a medical chart.)  And not long after that, we headed to the ER for them to try to tell us that he had IBS.  (Another note: ER docs are not Holy Ghost).

So, what would make me say something like that?  Faith!  And even at that point, I wasn’t even sure what that level of faith meant.  Obviously, that faith for “the last time” led us to the ER and to a doctor who had a brain, and now to surgery.  But it was the last time!  Previously, he’d have an “attack” every 6 or 7 days.  Coming into surgery today, it’s been 17 days without an ounce of pain.  And now after surgery, and he heals up, there won’t be any pain from now on.

Without faith, it is impossible to please God.  Faith the size of a mustard seed, will please God. I wasn’t required to have faith for a perfectly new and healthy gallbladder, though that is something to strive for.  But I know that faith for “the last time” is still faith, and it pleased God, and He honored my faith.

And just before I posted this blog, the surgeon came and let us know he did great, he’s going to be fine,  just gotta get him to take it easy and heal up.


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  1. Bill Dotson says:

    I came upon your post from a Google Alert I set up on the phrase “plead the blood”. I do this every day for my family and believe God showed me something about this which I wrote about in my blog in 2006. You might be interested in reading it at: Be blessed!

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