P90X + Fever = Out of commission

I was told by an athletic, workout guru friend that if you start getting sick, do a moderate workout and see how you feel.  If you feel better, then great, you shouldn’t feel bad anymore.  If you feel worse, then you probably shouldn’t work out anymore until you get over it.

So that’s the advice I followed.  The day we enjoyed our “reward”, my nose started feeling a little runny and itchy.  I knew the weather was getting warmer and pollen reeks havoc on my sinuses.  So, I started taking Claritin to knock out the allergies.  So, the next Monday, I continued with my workout schedule and did Core Synergistics (the closest to moderate as you’re going to get in P90X).  Wednesday morning, at 3:33 am, I woke up choking on the stuff that was draining out of my sinuses.  Had to go to CPR/BLS/AED training (a moderate workout) and felt horrible when I got home.

Since then, I’ve had a low grade fever and chasing mucus from my throat to my nose (it can’t decide where it wants to stop).

To get relief I have to medicate, if I medicate, I can’t go out in public – thus, I stay unmedicated so I can go to work.

So, if you’ve missed me, it’s because I’ve missed you and P90X.  But, I’m not going to try again until I fully recover and the fever is gone.  The good news is, following the P90X diet plan has kept me nourished and energized while I’ve felt bad (with a little help from Easter Reese Pieces Eggs – don’t hate!)