My Reward!

I’m sure all the BeachBody coaches and gurus are gonna wig out when they hear this, but we’re needing some motivation.

I got re-committed this week – working out (except the Yoga because of my bummed foot) and eating right (all with a good attitude even).  As for Ken, he fell off the workout wagon, but has still stuck to his guns with the diet.

So, tonight, to reward myself for working so hard and to convince myself to keep going… AND as part of the motivation to get Ken back on the workout schedule (the other part is that we’re going to do our midpoint pictures and measurements)… we are going to…


Yeah, you heard me – we’re going to eat and enjoy it – and we don’t care who knows it!

And it’s even more special because they are going to be free thanks to the Longhorn’s Western Hospitality Club that sent us a coupon for a free appetizer (and it expires today so we’ve got to use it!)

And don’t worry, I’ll eat them tonight, and I’ll do Kenpo tomorrow!

Can you tell I’m excited?!  BOOYAH!