P90X: Druthers

(sings) If I had my druthers, I druther have my druthers, than anything else I know!

Name that Broadway show!

While following the P90X workout and diet plans, I’ve discovered some of my “druthers”. (I used to call them “gripes” but griping it’s a good skill set to have).

1. To have quick food, it has to be cold food.
– When I barely get 25 minutes at home to grab something to eat and change clothes before I have to leave again for church, a hot meal isn’t an option. And in the winter time, cold food isn’t comforting.

2. Tony Horton says that the Core Synergistics video could be anybody’s favorite, but in reality, it gets me really discouraged. A big part of that workout is a series of push-ups. I’ve been horrible at push-ups, so how can these push-ups help strengthen my core when my arms are barely strong enough to hold me up, much less, push me up?!

3. Salads can get boring! The pre-mixed salad with the lettuce and cabbage and carrots w/ a drizzle of vinegar is not a salad! Salads can offer a lot of excitement too – but at the expense of sugary or fatty dressings. Got to find a balance!

4. The poor kids out in Cali must have no clue what Zaxby’s or Chic-fil-A is because, if they did, they would have been nice enough to include some of their menu items on the list of allowed “fast food”. Help a southern girl out here!

The good news is, I just got the weekly P90X newsletter with 7 days worth of lunch recipes, so I might get some relief from the boredom and the chill. Also, in Phase 2, there’s a “chest, shoulders, & triceps” series. I did it for the first time this week – did a total of 115 girly, on my knees, half-way, but all I could muster push-ups.